Top Reliable Methods for PST to EML Conversion: Quick Guide

Suppose your search query is related to this topic, How to convert Outlook email to EML format. Then your wait is over. We are introducing top reliable ways for PST to EML Conversion here. So stay connected to convert your PST files to EML format. We have a manual and a professional technique for users. You can opt for any one method, as per your requirements. To add on, we have introduced an expert's recommended utility to ease the process. The name of this advanced software is Outlook Converter. But, before that, let us discuss the factors users need to export PST file from Outlook to EML.

Methods for PST to EML Conversion

Why Convert PST File to EML File format?

There are various factors that lead to PST to EML Conversion. Some reasons are as follows:-

  • EML file is supportable in various email clients like SeaMonkey, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook Express, etc. While PST file is only compatible with Outlook.
  • Also, EML supports several platforms like android, windows, etc. On the other hand, PST supports Windows only.
  • EML files are easily accessible in browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.
  • There is a high risk of the PST file getting Corrupted. To protect its data, we need to convert PST to EML. 

Now, let us learn the methods for PST to EML Conversion in the below context.

Method 1: Convert PST file to EML free by making use of MS Outlook

Given below are the steps to convert PST to EML open source:-

  1. Firstly, launch MS Outlook on your system.
  2. Now, tap on the File menu and then choose Open.
  3. After that, select the Open Outlook data file to proceed.
  4. Then find and select the PST file from your system.
  5. Start Outlook Express on your Laptop/PC.
  6. Press the File option and opt for Import from drop-down alternatives.
  7. Afterward, select Messages to move further.
  8. Now, a window will appear on the screen. Here, pick the options Microsoft Outlook, under Select an Email Program to Import From.
  9. Press the Next tab to move forward in the process.
  10. Either opt for All Folders or pick Select Folders as per your need.
  11. Hit the Next button to initiate the import process.
  12. Later, you will receive a congratulatory note. Here tap on Finish.
  13. Finally, your files will import from MS Outlook to Outlook express.
  14. You can convert these files to EML using the drag and drop function.

The above manual technique is free of cost and workable. However, many users face difficulties using this process. Also, manual procedures have some shortcomings. Let's discuss these flaws in brief in the succeeding context.

Weaknesses of Manual Method

These are some drawbacks of using manual procedures to convert PST to EML open source:

  • This procedure is too long and takes a lot of time to complete.
  • There are high possibilities of data loss due to a small error.
  • Manual techniques are not appropriate for non-tech users. Since they may get confused during the process.
  • Manual ways have limitations in exporting a large number of files.

Considering the above flaws, we have another alternative to export PST file from Outlook. Let's discuss the professional method in the coming paragraph.

Method 2: Convert PST file to EML file Format using Professional Approach 

We've saved the best for last for PST to EML Conversion. It is a professional utility named PST to EML Converter. It helps in PST to EML Conversion without much effort. The advanced tool allows users to convert multiple PST files at a time. Moreover, novice users can also use this software without difficulty. It is because of its user-friendly and self-explanatory interface. Additionally, It runs smoothly on all versions of Windows OS. Now, we will summarize the whole blog in a few lines below.

To Sum Up

Many users have a query about how to convert PST to EML file. So, we have mentioned some best methods to convert PST to EML. It includes a manual approach with easy instructions. But, this method has some limitations like complexity, long process, risk of data loss, etc. We also discussed a professional technique for easy and safe conversion. Thus, I suggest users go for professional way over manual methods.


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