How to Convert OLM to PST Files Free on Mac

How to Convert OLM to PST Files Free on Mac

Microsoft provides its Outlook email application for Mac as well as Windows. Outlook application is used for email communication, storing calendars, contacts, events, journals, and other mailbox items. The user interface and folder hierarchy of Outlook for Mac are different from Windows Outlook. It stores the mailbox data in OLM format, while Outlook for Windows uses PST. You are unable to straight view your Mac OLM files in any version of Windows Outlook.

PST files are also known as Personal Folder or Personal Storage Table files. It is an open-source file format that is widely compatible with many platforms. Data in PST format are stored systematically and integrated with advanced privacy features. If you want to view your OLM files in PST, then it is required to convert OLM to PST files. However, migrating Outlook OLM to PST is not an easy task and requires time coupled with good technical knowledge.

In this blog, we will explain the manual solution to import OLM files into PST on Mac. We will also suggest to you the best-recommended method to migrate OLM into PST. But before moving further, let’s discuss some reasons for converting OLM files to PST.

Why do users need to Convert OLM to PST?

Whenever clients need to change from Mac to Windows framework because of any explanation, they need to move OLM records to PST. In the event that you have the information in OLM format and you need to send it in PST. Then you have to convert the OLM file to PST before the sharing. Also, some of the key points to transfer OLM files to PST are mentioned below.

  • It is difficult to synchronise OLM files mailbox with the Exchange server but with PST we can do it.
  • If you have to temporarily or permanently work with PST files.
  • Users also convert OLM to PST due to the wide compatibility and customizable features of PST files.
  • PST documents are upheld by Outlook for Mac and Windows, while OLM isn't.
  • It is easy to backup and migrate the PST mailbox from one Outlook to another on Mac as well as Windows systems.

The above-mentioned are some of the major reasons for the conversion of Mac Outlook to PST. Knowing the requirements, we now move on to the methods that can be implemented for saving OLM files as PST. All you have to read the complete blog carefully to get the best solution.

Manual Method to Convert OLM to PST Files

Many users and professionals recommend using an automated OLM Converter Tool to convert OLM into PST. Because automated solution always gives a risk-free and optimum result without any alteration. In this para, we will expand on the free strategies to import OLM records into PST on Mac.

Users are suggested to follow the underneath steps successively for an efficient change of Outlook OLM to PST.

Step 1: Set up an IMAP account with Gmail

  • Login to your Gmail account and snap on the gear icon in the upper left corner.
  • Click on the Setting button and select Forwarding and POP/IMAP option
  • Select Enable IMAP option in the IMAP Access head and click on Save changes.

Step 2: Configure an IMAP account with Mac Outlook

  • Open Outlook on your Mac system, navigate to Tools and select the Accounts option.
  • Click on the Email Account button and fill in the Email login credentials.
  • Finally, click on the Add Account and your IMAP account will be added.

Note:- You need to enter the port number, pick the SSL choice, and add an IMAP Server account.

Step 3: Create a Label in the Gmail account

  • Once more, open your Gmail account and press the gear symbol then go to Settings.
  • In the newly opened tab, click on the Labels and press Create New Label button.
  • Enter the new label name, click on the Create button and verify Show in IMAP is enabled.
  • Now open Outlook for Mac and press the Send/Receive button for the IMAP mailbox.

Step 4: Migrate Outlook OLM mailbox to IMAP

  • Open MS Outlook on your Mac system and right-click on the mailbox items to convert OLM to PST.
  • Select the Move option from the menu and hit on Copy to Folder.
  • Provide the name of your IMAP folder and click on the Copy button.
  • Press Send/Receive or refresh the Gmail folder to update the transfer.
  • Then, the selected OLM files have been synchronised to the IMAP server account mailbox.

Now, you have to move the IMAP mailbox data to Outlook for Windows in order to successfully convert OLM file to PST.

This is the free technique to migrate OLM data to PST on Mac. But always remember that a free solution can never be an ideal solution. You have to perform each step carefully to get the desired result. The manual method is not easy to perform and has certain limitations. So in the next section, we are going to discuss some drawbacks associated with the free technique.

Convert OLM to PST Manually- Limitations

As you have seen, the manual technique consists of multiple steps, and you have to take utmost care while performing them. Thus, converting Mac Outlook to PST files with this stated method is not found very effective and efficient.

A portion of the significant constraints of the manual strategy are referenced underneath:-

  • It does not deliver the desired results and seems to be very complex in addition to time and effort.
  • The process requires good technical knowledge and requires configuration of multiple accounts.
  • Any discrepancy in performing the steps might cause the complete failure of the process.
  • It is a very lengthy process to convert OLM to PST and does not deliver quick results.

After knowing all these limitations, there will be a question in your mind “How do I Import an OLM file into Outlook?” As I already mentioned above, many professionals and experts suggest using an advanced solution to convert OLM file to PST. It is a risk-free process that easily converts bulk OLM files to PST with all emails and other mailbox items. Users can get fast and most effective results without any risk of data alteration. If any users want to migrate selected OLM files, it is also possible with a professional OLM Converter Tool. Moreover, users can quickly remove duplicate email items from the conversion without losing the data hierarchy.

Summing up

In this blog, we have discussed the reasons for the free method to convert OLM to PST. The free method has some limitations for which it is not called a reliable and best solution. Hence, most users and experts always prefer to use an automated OLM converter tool. It gives 100% accurate results in less time and effort with more customization options. Users do not have to face lengthy and complex procedures, and also they can convert bulk OLM files in one go.


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