Reasons PHP Developers Love Using Laravel

A key ability for any software developer is an in-depth comprehension of web frameworks and the ability to utilize those frameworks when developing software applications. These tools are used to construct contemporary websites and mobile applications. They save you time, have been thoroughly tested for errors, and help keep your code organized and easy to read. You may be familiar with Laravel if you are a PHP developer. It's a full-stack PHP framework that's simple to learn, yet it has many intriguing features that you can take advantage of immediately. And even if there is increasing competition, it is apparent that many developers still believe it to be the best PHP framework.

Reasons PHP Developers Love Using Laravel

In a poll conducted in 2020 by JetBrains, it was found that fifty percent of PHP developers frequently used Laravel, compared to only twenty-five percent who use Symfony, the next most popular framework. Regarding search volume, the data from Google trends demonstrate, among other things, that Laravel has surpassed Symfony and other alternatives.

Why use laravel? So many people consider Laravel the best framework for developing websites today. It is important to remember why so many people still use PHP script before we go into the significance of Laravel. PHP is a prominent server-side programming language that first appeared in the middle of the 1990s and continues to defy forecasts that it is "dying." As we have discussed, PHP, on this blog, was developed around this period. According to calculations done by W3Techs, little over 79% of all websites use PHP code. This percentage has stayed relatively stable over the past year. And to put that into perspective, the programming language ASP.NET is modern PHP's closest competitor in terms of usage, but as of right now, it's only utilized in 9.1% of websites. Even if more recent alternatives like Python are getting a lot of attention in modern times, they still need to be utilized by a small fraction of websites.

Let's Get To Know More About Laravel:

In software development, a framework is a small piece of software that can be used repeatedly and was specifically built so that developers can use it to develop other pieces of software effectively. In other words, a framework is a building block. The framework allows the developers to avoid starting from scratch, saving them a significant amount of time while simultaneously providing them with a solution ready to be implemented. Laravel was first made available to the public in 2011 and is a free and open-source platform that adheres to MVC architectural standards. Web developers make extensive use of Laravel development services. It has been listed as the second most utilized framework in PHP among GitHub users and has an average rating of over 60,000 stars. This information comes from a poll. Over time, it has evolved greatly among the development disciplines and is also dubbed a ready-to-go framework among developers worldwide. Perhaps this is why it has become popular and gained so much popularity.

Let's look at the seven primary reasons why PHP developers adore using Laravel that we've unearthed and uncovered for you, shall we?

1. Security

The moment you decide that you want your presence to be everywhere on the internet, many obstacles stand in their way, and one of those obstacles is security. Laravel manages all of the security paths in PHP systems and provides the CSRF token. The highly engaged assistance from the Laravel community, which includes practical tutorials to assist web developers in the application-building process, is another component of the Laravel security system.

2. Support

Being a developer requires being part of a vibrant community where questions about various platforms can be discussed, and when it comes to this requirement, Laravel scores full points. Because of its widespread use, it has a sizable community that is active and completely prepared to offer assistance. This community is quite helpful for exchanging knowledge, particularly for novice developers, because it provides an environment where they can learn and express their questions. Therefore, the next time you find yourself in a difficult situation, someone from that community support group will likely be able to assist you.

3. Support for the Front-End Framework

Front-end framework support is undoubtedly one of the most exciting aspects offered by Laravel. Yes, you read it correctly; Laravel version 6 provides this feature by combining React.JS and Vue.JS together. This provides a solution for front-end development, makes it simple for developers, and conforms to the MVC design model. However, GitHub is in charge of hosting the source code, which is licensed under the MIT umbrella.

4. Adaptable to Business Needs

Laravel was built from the ground up to serve as a robust framework for web development. It gives engineers the opportunity to compare and contrast different ways and opens up new avenues for every scale of business (small to large). Because it is an open-source framework, it eliminates the need to rely on tools provided by a third party; as a result, it is ideally suited for use on an enterprise scale and provides complete transparency. Hire Laravel developers, on the other hand, provides a broad selection of features, plugins, and other components that assist in enhancing commercial websites and does it at an affordable cost.

5. In-built Artisan

Laravel's provision of an in-built Artisan console, which assists with seeding operations, is one of its most appealing features. A user can arrange the transmission of a personalized message or even call for the migration of a database with the assistance of this tool. Artisan console is well-liked by PHP developers because it enables them to economize a significant amount of time. It's very similar to the Linux command. Still, the difference is that it's useful during the application construction process.

6. Blade Templates

This is often considered one of PHP's most useful and widely used features. In a nutshell, it is a straightforward yet sophisticated templating engine that assists users in designing layouts and that can be readily implemented anywhere PHP is used. In contrast to other templating engines, the blade templates do not prevent a user from writing plain code within PHP templates. Blade templates are compiled into plain text PHP code until they are overwritten or altered by a user. This process continues until the templates are updated.

7. Implicit ORM

Eloquent is one of the most advantageous aspects of utilizing Laravel as PHP's ORM (Object Relational Mapping), a feature called Eloquent. It is a function that is already present. The Eloquent ORM makes things simpler when interacting with the application's database. The execution of database queries can be made simpler and more intuitive with the assistance of this Laravel component. In addition, database migration is often considered one of Laravel's most useful features. It is necessary for PHP developers to utilize sophisticated syntax to communicate with database objects and relationships.

8. Laravel's framework routing

As soon as a server receives a request, it initiates a sequence of operations to deal with it. The term "routing" describes what happens next. Truly, Laravel's routing is awe-inspiring. To begin, Laravel's routing code is easy to understand. And when compared to the code of competing frameworks, it's a breeze to understand. Initiating the path in the application can be done with enough leeway and precision to match the URL. As a result, defining routes is now even more convenient and expressive.

Additionally, one may define resources for CRUD pages, affix filters, and name, group, and bind route models to automatically inject model instances or request parameters. As a bonus, Laravel has support for HTTP middleware, which is essential when extending the functionality of the HTTP protocol. By utilizing this middleware, one can improve the efficiency of data transfer between a web server and a PHP programme without resorting to additional external programmes.


With these, some of the greatest aspects we've described in this post, it becomes lovable among why to use laravel and encourages new developers to start getting their hands on it. It's possible that this is one of the most important factors contributing to its success, either way, you can put your faith in the fact that it won't disappear from the industry in the near future.


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