Location Tracking App for Family Members-Best Tracker (Free & Paid)

Do you often wonder if it is necessary to track your family members with location tracking apps? If so, what are the best location tracking apps for family members to ensure their safety? 

Location Tracking App for Family Members

The world is full of surprises, and you can never know what can happen in life. In these times, knowing your family is safe can be relaxing. With the help of location tracking apps, you can monitor where your family is at all times. You should be prepared just in case and you should also be aware of the fake gps apps that your family members may use.

Throughout this article, you'll learn about the best location tracking apps for your family, both free and paid. Let's get started. 

Why do you need location tracking apps?

Location-tracking apps are the software that helps you find the position of a vehicle, person, or device that uses GPS (Global Positioning System). GPS tracks movement, which helps to find location.

Most of these trackers' software has a Parental control feature, making tracking your kids hassle-free and monitoring your kids away from inappropriate content. You can also protect your data and information on your device from cyberattacks, as these apps provide web filtering options. These location apps allow you to search and find families' locations.

List of location tracking apps for your family members

There exists many tracking apps in the market. Below are some of the best tracking apps.

1. Find my - Best location tracker app for iPhone.

Location Tracking App for Family Members

Apple in ios13 has merged its find my friend and find my iPhone app into one called "Find my." It helps you to find and track your friends and families who use iPhone devices.

If your family is out and they are not home on time, then you can check and track your family's location to find out if they are safe or not. 'Find my' app is a free ios tool to track your families.

Apple is continuously upgrading its feature like tracking phones without internet connection and also when the device is turned off.   

It is a native app and free to use for ios devices.

2. Find my device - Best location tracker app for Android.

Location Tracking App for Family Members

Developed by Google, 'Find my device' is a location tracking app mainly for Android devices. Basically designed to find stolen mobile, you can use this app as a location tracker app.

You can track the location in real-time and perform data erase or ring the mobile. 

This app is free for Android devices.

3. Life360 family locator

Location Tracking App for Family Members

Available for both Android and ios devices, life360 is the most downloaded app for tracking locations with 25 million + downloads.

You can create a circle of people you want to keep track of, and after they accept your request, you can know their whereabouts. You receive a notification when your circle's people reach or leave a frequently visited place. You can also get a driving report about distance and speed. Life360 offers real-time specialist support anytime, anywhere. It also provides you with a 24/7 emergency dispatch feature for your family's safety.

It is free, but you can make in-app purchases for additional features.

4. Famisafe

Location Tracking App for Family Members

Start locating people just after downloading the app. This app is a reliable and award-winning location tracking app.

FamiSafe can perform a lot of functions. You can track your kid's phones without their knowledge of being tracked. You can now track your children's mobile phones and protect them from inappropriate content.

It offers the feature 'geo-fencing,' which is very useful. You can make your own customizable virtual safety area and get alert when your family enters and leave the area. This family locator app provides the feature to create a family link.

Famisafe comes with a free 3-days trial and is accessible for both ios and android users. 

5. mSpy

Location Tracking App for Family Members

M-spy, released in 2010, is a location app that helps you monitor your child without any hassle. It makes tracking your child easy without the permission option. 

You can track all the messages of your family, monitor their online activity, and provides update every 5 minutes. You can also get access to the geo zone feature, i.e., when the person being tracked leaves a certain zone, then the user will get a notification. You can also restrict incoming calls. M-spy also offers you the ability to look into photos and videos of your family's mobile gallery.

M-spy offers 7 days free trial and 14 days money guarantee back option.

6. Glympse

Location Tracking App for Family Members

Glympse is a free, easy-to-use, fast location tracking app that you can use without signup. You can track people with easy to use interface.

You can track family, friends, and co-workers using this app. Although it doesn't allow stealth mode, it provides other important features. You can track your friends and family if you are lost in a big event festival. Glympse tracker doesn't require the other person to download the app. It needs a web browser, and it can access the link you send through messages.

It is free to use on both ios and Android.

7. Foursquare Swarm

Location Tracking App for Family Members

This family locator app offers you features to track family and places they have visited frequently, which helps to understand the behavior of family members.

You can check where your friends are all around the globe. This app can track location information using a check-in spot. It creates records of events in the user's lifelog. It offers the feature of parental control, which can be used to monitor your family and protect them from the internet.

Foursquare Swarm is freely available for Android and ios.


Location tracking apps are very useful and can be used for multi-purposes. But with so many apps claiming to be the best, you need to choose which app suits you and your family the best. 

And it’s more important than ever to take advantage of locating apps. It provides not only safety precautions but you can also create events for the family. You can stay in sync with your family.


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