Top Tips for Marketing Video Animation Production for Business


Tips for Marketing Video Animation

Marketers are finding the nearly unlimited possibilities that creative animated video creation may provide. With animation, you can establish any tone and convey any message in your video marketing, and animated material is frequently visually lively, which helps you stand out in any digital arena.

Though the medium is incredibly adaptable, animated content development may be considerably more regimented than live-action production, making it seem more limiting or intimidating. However, if you're knowledgeable with the animation production process, you may plan ahead of time so that you can fully utilize the art form to create absolutely great material.

1.  Get Familiarised With Production of Animation Process

Animation timelines differ from live-action timelines in that, while both require solid pre-production, there is a lot less "we can fix it in post" magic with animation. When it comes to animation, the decisions you make in pre-production must be followed through to post-production, otherwise you'll face delays and overages.

2.  Animation Pre-Production: Style and Tone Inspiration

Because animation is so versatile and allows for so many various techniques and technology, it might be difficult to get started.

Begin by searching the internet for examples of animation styles you'd want to imitate. Look for animated explainers, how-tos, and promotions on Behance, YouTube, or Quick Frames Explore platform. The goal is to discover some visual styles you enjoy, as well as instances of animation that fall short of your expectations—both of these will help you communicate your vision to your designer and animator.

3.  Voice Recording is Part of Pre-Production

With live-action movies, voiceover is typically an afterthought, but with animation, it must be done from the start—which means having your screenplay produced, approved, and locked in a timely manner.

The narrative will be combined with your visual representations to produce a styleframe and storyboards, which will ultimately determine what appears on screen. Changing your script after the animation has started might be expensive and cause your timetable to be thrown off.

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4.  Which Plan Will You Include in Marketing Plan

The duration and aspect ratio of your video, for example, are distinct needs and constraints on different devices.

Finalized material from live action productions may frequently be platform-optimized in post-production by cropping, editing, and adding graphics. When it comes to animation, this is rarely the case.

Changing aspect ratios after animation has begun, or reorganizing animation to reduce it from a 30-second to a 15-second length, becomes a time-consuming (and expensive) job, given how animation tends to flow fluidly from one scene to the next.

5.  Cost Escalators in Animation Production

Animation may rapidly become highly expensive, especially if you are not prepared from the beginning and need to seek adjustments after production has begun.

The duration of the piece and whether or not human figures are required are the two key cost factors for animated material. Your completed work will most likely cost more the longer it is. Getting inventive with your concepting to avoid any human representations might also help you save money on your production costs.

6.  Avoid Cramming Too Much Information

In our experience, marketing videos should be short and straightforward, giving you enough time to attract the audience in and get your point through, but not so lengthy that they tune out.

Moreover, if you cram too much information within a small video of 3 or 4 minutes, you are going to bore the viewer. The best way to keep them engaged is to offer information in small chunks as this is the only way they can get entertained and digest the whole video content - both at the same time.

7.  Sound Tracks for Videos

Finding or developing an appropriate music for your animated marketing film is critical and should not be overlooked. Any original music you utilize must have a duration that corresponds to the length of the film. If you are choosing soundtracks for your online animated videos, either go with royalty free soundtracks or you can also get sound tracks directly from YouTube audio library. These are free and available for anyone that would like to get sound tracks for their commercial content.

8.  Understand the Production Process

If you want to make an animated promotional video, it's critical that we stick to a well-defined production procedure. At critical phases of creation, we'll need buy-in and feedback from key decision makers to ensure that we're all on the same page and have the same vision for the final video. 

9.  Do You Need Marketing Material?

Are you doing a large brand video to garner as much attention as possible, or are you utilizing more customized material to reach out to a more established and specific audience? Is it possible to use the same production to develop more marketing materials and assets? Surely you are going to market your video on other avenues and channels. This could be online or even offline, so make sure that when you get your animated video produced, you also take care of the branding needs.

Similarly, also take care of the video production format. There are multiple video production formats that you can use for your video needs. Maybe you don't need a presenter at all, but you do need actors for your marketing video. In our experience, marketing videos should be short and straightforward, giving you enough time to attract the audience in and get your point through, but not so lengthy that they tune out.

Ready to Get Your Animated Video Produced?

We hope you now have a better understanding of the aspects of animated video production and the process included in it.

If you are looking to get your animated video developed from experts, then we have the right service available for you. You can get your animated videos for games, movies, and even YouTube based video channels. Get in touch with our team and see how they can help you scale your business and get the right video that is not only engaging but also offers eyeball content to the users. 

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