5 Link-Building Strategies to Boost Traffic to Your Website

Just like quality content and using relevant keywords, link building continues to be an essential and powerful tool of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For anyone aiming to boost traffic and improve ranking on search engines, you need to incorporate link building as part of your digital marketing

For those who are new to this concept, link building involves creating links to your website from external sites with great online reputations. 

Just like other strategies, link building is not easy and must be done accurately and ethically, or else your website may end up being penalized by Google. 

Before we move on to tips on to utilize link-building for your website, let's understand what SEO is about so you can apply its strategies effectively.

Link-Building Strategies to Boost Traffic to Your Website

Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?

You may have heard numerous times already about how important SEO is when it comes to digital marketing, but do you how it works? SEO is made up of numerous elements and it is crucial because it makes your site more visible than before. This way, you can grab more chances of converting prospects into customers. 

Moreover, SEO is a valuable tool to create brand awareness and position yourself as a trustworthy brand in your field.

The crucial elements of SEO marketing are keywords, content, off-page SEO, local SEO, link building, and much more. With the help of an experienced seo agency, you can improve the overall ranking and user experience of your website.

Now let's jump into link-building tips that will strengthen your overall SEO strategy. 

Reach out to Relevant Sites

You can reach out for links and it could be someone you may not know but they have a site or blog that is somewhat similar to what you offer. The site could be relatable to yours in terms of the products you offer or the content you offer. 

The keyword is quite important as Google will only reward you if the site you have posted your link to has a good online presence.

If your content holds great value to the readers then other sites will gladly link to you. To find out potential link partners, search for content within your niche. Then you can send them emails or messages to ask them to include your link in the future. 

Guest Blogging

It is one of the most effective link-building tactics and still holds its place. As the name implies, guest blogging involves writing content for another site in your niche and also including a link back to your website. 

Make sure to choose wisely which sites you want to publish your article. Not every site is worth the money and time. With guest blogging, you can develop beneficial linking relationships.

Get Active on Social Media

When you put in efforts to build a strong social media profile, you can get links from sites that you haven't even reached out to. Since social media is the most effective marketing tool these days, it can serve as a perfect medium to boost your link-building plan and guest post efforts.

Make sure you are active on social media to boost engagement and expose your brand or site to more people. This way more people would love to engage with you through link-building. Moreover, it will also improve your overall visibility and attract more traffic to your site.  

Broken Link Strategy 

There are plenty of websites that have broken links that do not load when you click on them or show up with a blank page. You can use this opportunity to replace the broken links with links to your website. 

You can start by finding pages on blogs with dead links and suggest them with a link to similar content on your website, if your site contains broken links, then you can do the same and replace them with high-value resources. This way you can optimize your site for search engines and offer a valuable link as well.

Distribute Infographics

Infographics actually work today and can assume a fundamental part in your external link establishment system. The best part about them is that you earn quality links without even asking for them. You can hire a graphic designer to make an infographic for you. Infographics keep on beating different kinds of visual substance and assist with supporting Website design enhancement. 

You may be wondering why you should use an infographic when there are other ways to build good links. Well, the answer lies in the power of visual storytelling that attracts many people.

If you create an infographic that shows a trending topic and data visualizations, then it could entice people who are interested to share it with others.

Here are some steps to use infographics for link building:

  • Create an infographic that offers inspiring information to increase the chances to be picked up by popular bloggers.
  • Have a full understanding of the audience that would be interested in your infographic.
  • Organize your information in an order to develop a compelling narrative.
  • The final step is to design your infographic and publish it on your website and social media.


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