FMS BSNL – BSNL Franchisee Partner Online Login Process 2022

Limited by The Bharat Sanchar Nigam With millions of customers around the country, BSNL is the (fourth) largest telecom service provider in India. Here is the blog we will let you know about FMS BSNL online login process. The government-owned service provider is managed by the Indian Ministry of Communication's telecommunications division. It is a dependable telecom provider because it offers customers both mobile and internet service. In order to guarantee the delivery of high-quality services, the FMS BSNL works with numerous partners.


The joint venture partners provide FMS BSNL services like mobile, fibre to the house, and broadband. The franchisee or partner makes an urban and rural expansion. In India, they can cater to both residential and commercial consumers. This expands FMS BSNL's clientele in India and provides a wide range of services. The franchise and partners receive a sizeable commission from BSNL of up to 50%. Interest parties, including people, companies, and organisations, can venture into parties.


There’re several benefits of partnering with FMS BSNL service provider for both franchisee and users individually

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  • Good commissions such as product commission and activity-based commission.
  • It provides quality services in all over the country.
  • With Increase in the number of FMS BSNL users it automatically increases revenue.
  • It will create a great venture into both rural and urban areas in India.
  • It helps in improving  communication by providing digitalized gadgets and internet services in areas.
  • Introduction to online payment services such as mobile apps, wallets, and more has contributed immensely in development.
  • BSNL has its active support center to convey any network issues.

BSNL Franchisee/Partner list

The FMS BSNL has various listed eligible applicants as follows below:

  • The Resident Welfare Association.
  • Telecom Infrastructure provider.
  • Builders
  • DIDs
  • System integrators
  • Franchisees
  • All registered companies and societies.
  • Local cable operators
  • BSNL retails
  • Direct selling agents
  • Any local business people
  • Telecom service provider.

The eligible groups must possess all the required qualities such as  good marketing skills to help spread the BSNL network across India. The groups must register through a simple FMS BSNL registration form to qualify for the BSNL Franchise/Partner list.

BSNL Franchisee Registration

BSNL as franchisee or partner registration process

  1. Visit the BSNL FMS Registration
  2. Go to the homepage click on the “register” button.
  3. Enter all the mandatory details asked such as:
  4. Company name.
  5. Email
  6. Mobile number
  7. City/district
  8. Address
  9. SSA
  10. Circle
  11. Recheck the information that you have entered and type the message and click on the submit button.
  12. After submission of the form, the BSNL executive will review it and verify the information provided by you.
  13. The BSNL officer will contact you for further proceedings.A local BSNL executive will also visit you for verification and orientation about BSNL services. 

The eligible partner should enter legit details to avoid any inconveniences or cancellation of their partnership. The BSNL service Company will strictly follow up on all the aspect before engaging any business partner.


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