How To Make Your Website Secure On Google

Did you know, as per recent surveys, every 39 secs, an American falls prey to a hacker attack every year? Like you would not keep the main door of your house unlocked. Similar logic applies to your website, as well.

Make Your Website Secure On Google

If you have a website, then you will have to invest in securing it. You will have to protect your website against malicious bug attacks, hackers, and several other online nasties. Failing to do so will not only affect the security of your data, but could also make you lose money or make your website crash. 

However, in this article, we are going to talk about some of the methods, using which you will be able to keep your website secure. Keep scrolling through this article to gather profound knowledge on the same. 

How To Make Your Website Secure On Google?

Make Your Website Secure On Google

However, turning to Google to set up your website domain is the best decision, ever. Google provides a reliable and safe infrastructure for your website, giving you the space to focus on the growth of your business

Along with that it also offers, free modern security facilities like the SSL or TLS certification, a one-click  DNSSEC- that protects your website from the DNS threats, and a 2-Step Verification for your account on Google.

Although the primary purpose of this article, is to inform you about- ‘how to secure a domain name’, or ‘how to secure a website URL’. The thought of giving you a little bonus section on, ‘how to identify a hacked website’ was quite pertinent. 

The most common signs that a hacked website would show, are:

1. Malicious Viruses

2. Japanese Keywords

3. Phishing

4. Gibberish 

5. Denying Service, etc.

With that being said, here’s presenting some of the methods that you can use to secure your website on Google.

  • Install SSL

Make Your Website Secure On Google

One of the easiest techniques, that you can employ when protecting your website, the users of your website, and yourself- is installing a Secure Sockets Layer certificate. All of us have come across an SSL certificate while browsing through the internet.

Remember the ‘s’ in the ‘https’, & the padlock on the address bar? The SSL encrypts the information that is exchanged between your visitors and your website. Albeit in recent times, Google has been warning visitors on entering a website without an SSL and even engages in discriminating those websites, found on their search results.  

Having an SSL is very important when you are accepting payments using your website, transferring files, and seeking login information. Not having one, makes your website data vulnerable and easy to access for the hackers. 

How to install an SSL?

*Choosing a good quality website builder, which offers SSL for free.            *Choosing a hosting provider, that offers a free SSL along with the other plans. Apart from that, you can also install a ‘Let’s Encrypt’ free SSL, on your own.

  • Keep Your Website Up To Date

Make Your Website Secure On Google

Keeping your website up-to-date does not mean posting about the latest news or engaging in communication with your visitors- when talking about security measures. You have to keep your website up to date in regard to the software. 

Although using a website builder, will make your job easier. Because most of these builders are equipped to handle the security issues as well as the software updates, for your website. 

However, if you decide to opt for WordPress, as your website builder, then you will have to run all the necessary updates for the installed plugins, along with your core software

  • Make Sure To Use An Anti Malware Software

Make Your Website Secure On Google

‘Anti-malware software’ is your ultimate tech bodyguard that shields your website against all possible bugs. It will take care of everything without you having to worry about the complex technical stuff.

There are multiple options in the anti-malware software. Some might charge you, for eg: SiteLock, while others offer free services, for eg: Bitdefender Antivirus. 

Some of the security services that the anti-malware software provides: 

*Web Scanning

*DDoS Protection

*Malware Detection & Removal 

*PCI Compliance

*Vulnerability Patching

*Web Application Firewall

  • Make Sure Your Password Is Strong

Make Your Website Secure On Google

A password is the only bridge that keeps your personal informations at bay from hackers. Despite having knowledge of this, we tend to ignore passwords. Setting a password is not only a crucial thing when the security of your website is concerned, but it is also the easiest security measure. 

The best part about a password is that you can alter it as per your choice. In that context, let us look at some of the easily hacked passwords:




*abc123, etc.

Instead of using the above ‘easy-to-guess’ phrases, here are the tips that you can follow:

*Use anything apart from personal information.

*Use a spontaneously generated sequence of numbers or characters. etc.

  • Make Sure You Are Running Regular Backups

Make Your Website Secure On Google

A backup is an extra copy of your website data, which includes contents, files, media, & databases. However, having a complex website will require you to have larger backup storage for all the website data.

Although, using backup services has proven to be a reliably safe option. But, always look for the following things when opting for backup services:

*Automated Backups

*Off-site Backups 

*Regular Backups

*Redundant Backups 


Building a good website security begins with you. From choosing a trusted website builder, to making the right choices for the smooth functioning of your website, and putting in that extra effort to secure your passwords.

Hopefully, after reading this article you have developed a basic understanding on how to secure your website URL. It isn't too troublesome all things considered. You do not necessarily have to be a tech expert or invest a lot to secure your website.

In case you’ve got some extra points to add, connect with us in the comments section below.

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