Has Madden NFL 23 Really Gone Downhill?

The public's response to EA's Madden 23 has been largely negative, but is the football simulation really that bad?

Has Madden NFL 23 Really Gone Downhill?

Another year, a new Madden, and with it, a slew of haters, EA simply can't get it right. Fans are outraged by the American studio's licensed NFL tie-in in particular because they see it as a cynical cash grab intended to take advantage of the popularity of the nation's most well-known franchised sports leagues.

The releases of Madden, like the next editions of FIFA or NBA 2K, used to be anticipated annually by gamers and sports lovers. But these days, each new episode appears to be greeted with the same predictable scorn and despair as the one before it. Not surprisingly, Madden NFL 2 has a disappointing User Score on Metacritic. Once again, the major complaint from Madden fans is that this year's game doesn't innovate or stand out from its predecessor enough to justify its high price. It is nothing more than a rehash of the Madden from the previous season, failing to add anything new to the playing field, and including the same faults, bugs, and issues.

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The fundamental problem separating Madden from its fan base is not that the brand lacks innovation or improvement, but rather that the adjustments it makes year after year seldom make up for its high pricing or annual release strategy. Additionally, there is rising unhappiness with the lack of vigor and attention to detail in the games developed by Trip Hawkins and John Madden in the late 1980s. Many admirers believe that the Madden brand has lost some of its originality and boldness. Although it is cluttered, perplexing, and of diverse quality, it is seldom what most aficionados would consider “fun.”

The controversial Franchise Mode, which is basically Madden's take on FIFA's career mode, has also drawn criticism. With career mode, users may take control of a club over many seasons, managing training schedules, player trades, executive decisions, and tactical configuration of their preferred squad. Franchise Mode hasn't received the changes and enhancements that many fans had hoped for, despite Madden 23 making some modest tweaks, such as introducing new trade variables and improving free agency mechanisms.

What’s more, FieldSense, a type of underpinning coding system that modifies the physics of on-field operations as they take place, is largely responsible for this. FieldSense effectively takes into account any modifications to the gaming mechanics that take place on the field itself, and there are noticeable variations in how players respond to things like collisions and crucial gameplays. There is a feeling that the series may be attempting to return to its more realistic, grounded beginnings as tackles seem more genuine and less “arcadey.” Additionally, the visual appearance has been upgraded, albeit that doesn't really mean much given that gamers anticipate every new version to include higher graphics fidelity.

So, has EA made Madden 23 a good choice for both novice gamers and devoted fans of the series?  The answer seems to be yes, even if, it would still be hard to accept the game's hefty $60 basic price with so many users buying MUT 23 Coins from the online marketplace, we can have some understanding. Considering that its gameplay has been improved, with changes made to the running controls, tackling animations, and passing mechanisms. Even while it isn't exactly where gamers may like it to be, everything seems a touch more polished than in past incarnations, you may have second thoughts. The AI and defensive systems in Madden 23 have also received accolades, with teams playing more wisely and cohesively on defense to give the game's action a more mature, polished feel.

Madden 23 is hardly a complete failure. The series is in adversity now, but it seems to be striving to get beyond it. The NFL simulation is unquestionably moving in the right direction thanks to gameplay improvements and structural changes, but there's still a long way to go before the glories of the series' finest games return in earnings. As for customers, the smartest move right now could be to wait for a mid-season bargain, despite Madden 23’s high price.


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