Easy Methods to Convert OST file to PST with the Attachment

As it is usually seen, many users find it very inconvenient to convert OST files into Outlook PST files. They often lose data, and the file attachments are not included in converted files. In this blog, we will tell you how to convert OST files to Outlook PST files including the attachments. But before that, let's discuss the OST & PST file formats.

Methods to Convert OST file to PST

Offline Storage Table (OST) is an Offline Outlook Data File that can be accessed offline and synchronize changes with the Exchange server the next time they connect. Microsoft Outlook email applications use this type of file, including Office 365, Exchange, IMAP, and Outlook. 

Personal Storage Table (PST) is a file format used by Microsoft programs to store data like contacts, calendars, events, and email messages. PST files are stored in Microsoft Outlook.

In the below segment, let’s discuss why it is preferred to save OST to Outlook PST file format.

Reasons to Export PST file to OST file format

Here are some reasons to convert OST files to PST file formats.

  • It is easier to migrate PST data from one place to another place or system.
  • You can save storage by converting large OST files into PST files.
  • If the mail server crash, the OST files may become inaccessible, but you can access PST files from another or new Outlook profile.
  • When you convert OST file to PST, it will allow you to access your old emails and recover any lost data if the email account got corrupted.

Here, in the above context, we have discussed some of the reasons why we should change OST to PST files. Now, let's discuss the method to save OST to Outlook PST. 

How to Manually Convert OST file to PST

OST files can be converted to PST file format manually. After converting the OST to PST format, you can easily access the old emails without any problem. To manually convert OST files into PST, go through the following steps.

  • Open Outlook on your Windows device and go to the File menu.
  • Then, select the Import/Export option.
  • Choose a file that you want to export.
  • Select Outlook Data File PST format.
  • Choose if you want to export a specific folder or a whole account.
  • Check the include subfolders box.
  • Select a destination for the Export, and then click Finish.

Following the above steps, you can manually change OST to PST file format on your device.  However, the manual method has some restrictions, it is not so convenient to manually convert the files into PST format. That is why users prefer to convert their OST files to PST using a professional OST to PST Converter, which makes the conversion very easy for the user. 

Advantage of using Automated method to Convert OST file to PST

Here are some reasons why users use a professional method to securely convert from OST file to Outlook PST.

  • You can convert the OST file to PST with the attachments by using the advanced method.
  • It converts OST files to PST file format without losing any data or meta properties.
  • With the help of this method, you can convert the OST files to PST files in bulk.
  • By using the professional solution, the hierarchy of files is properly maintained throughout the conversion process.
  • It is reliable to use for both technical and non-technical users.

The manual method is lengthy and requires technical knowledge to perform, and you could lose your important data while converting OST files to PST. This is why it is essential to convert your OST files using a professional OST to PST Converter. You can conveniently convert OST files to PST file format without the risk of losing any data. Using professional software you can effortlessly convert muOST to PST Converterltiple OST files in one click including the attachments on any Windows OS platform. It is the most secure and reliable solution to perform the conversion of OST files into PST files.

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In this article, we have discussed the advantages of PST files over OST file formats. Explained the detailed manual procedure to convert OST file to PST. However, it is not reliable and secure to convert from OST file to Outlook PST manually. So, Suppose you want to convert OST to PST without Outlook on Windows. In that case, it is recommended to use a professional OST to PST Converter to securely convert the OST files into PST file format without losing any data.


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