Problems Faced With PDF Documents

Pdf is one of the popular file formats being used across the globe. If you want a secure, user-friendly, compact and compatible file format, then you should try your luck with PDF. PDF, aka portable document format, is famous because of all the mentioned reasons. There are many pros of this format; some of the advantages of using Pdf have been discussed below. 

Problems Faced With PDF Documents

  • Pdf files are universally compatible on all devices
  • Pdf files cannot be edited, and they have a portable nature which makes them secure 
  • You can easily lock Pdf files with a password or pin code
  • Pdf files have a compact size which is less than Word
  • Pdf can be used on different operating systems without any additional software 
  • Pdf doesn't have different versions

There are many more advantages of using Pdf, but at the same time, we would also like you guys to know about the drawbacks or the problems that one can face with Pdf. 

Here in this draft, we are going to discuss the common problems and their solutions in somewhat detail.

Common issues that you can face with Pdf

There are a few issues that one can face while dealing with Pdf. We have highlighted them below for your knowledge.

Pdf files cannot be edited

Being non-editable might be a pro for you, but for some people, this feature of Pdf can be very annoying. If you have stored a document in PDF and later on found errors in it, then its non-editable nature can become a big con. In the past, one had to manually rewrite the entire document and remove the errors from it. This took both time and effort. But today, you don't have to rely on the past techniques; rather, you should use online Pdf converter tools. Pdf converter tools are cloud-based tools that can change the format of a Pdf file to Word without damaging its format or structure. You can find the free PDF converter online tools on multiple websites. Using them, you can easily get the word version. Once you have the MS Word file, all you have to do is make the changes where needed and save the file back in PDF. You can also use modern Word to PDF converter tools for this purpose!

Large PDF files can create a lot of mess 

It is true that PDF files are famous for their compact size but not always. In certain situations, the size of a PDF file can become too large that one can even face trouble in opening them on a device. A large PDF file cannot be opened, shared, uploaded or even sometimes read. If you come across an instance where the size of a PDF document becomes too big, then you don't need to stress about it. In the past, people used to manually rewrite the document and remove certain elements from them to reduce the size of the file. Another alternate was to split the documents into small versions. But today, you don't have to worry about breaking the document or manually typing it down. This is because you have online PDF compressor tools for this purpose.

PDF compressor tools are cloud-based tools that can easily shrink down large PDF files to more than 40% of their total size. Now, these compressor tools are quite famous for size reduction, and this is mainly because these tools can reduce the size of the file without damaging the structure or quality of the document. This type of compression is also known as lossless compression. 

Readability can be an issue on different devices 

The main purpose of a PDF file is to convert a digital document into a portable file. Now you must understand that the standard size of a normal PDF file is A4 or A3. This is the reason that when it comes to viewing a PDF file on a desktop, you have to scroll up & down a lot. When the PDF files are opened on mobile, reading the contents of the document can be a bigger problem because of the smaller screen. You can also face problems with the resolution of the PDF file when you are using them on small screens like mobiles or tabs.

Now the only easy solution to this problem is to create multiple dynamic PDF documents which can easily adapt to small screens. This process is time taking, but it would solve the problem of readability on small devices like mobiles!

PDF format is hard to integrate into websites

Another common issue that one can face with PDF files is that they cannot be integrated into websites easily. It is surely possible to upload a PDF file on your site, but it would sometimes create problems for a user in terms of compatibility. Users who don't have a plug-in installed on their browser could not view the PDF files on their browser; rather, they would have to download them. The file would then be read on a different application. The alternate way is not to use PDFs on websites for the convenience of the users!

Incorrect PDF dimension issues are also common 

We have connected with some users and were surprised that they have complained that when using the Print feature in other programs like Word, the vertical space becomes large, making it very hard to print a normal A4/A3 page. Technically, there is no reason why Adobe or any Microsoft program would cause this issue, but it turns out that this is quite common. If you're having this problem, try updating your printer driver. If that doesn't work, try converting the file to a PDF to Word and see if that resolves the issue. Today you have online PDF to Word converter tools that can help you with this problem.

Other than Word, you can also convert PDF to different file formats without any hassle. You just need to pick the best online tools for this purpose!


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