How To Create Gojek Clone Mobile App Development In Nigeria

This guide is for those who want to be CEOs this year. Is becoming a Chief Executive Officer of your own company that easy? To be honest, it is! Think about the opportunities you’d get to explore if you kick-start your own business. And not just any business. One that offers more than 82 on-demand services to customers right at their fingertips. With the Gojek Clone app In Nigeria, you can establish a multi-billion dollar company. 

How To Create Gojek Clone Mobile App Development

This guide discusses the mobile app development roadmap that will help you become the CEO in less than 1 to 2 weeks! Let’s begin. 

The Most Important Decision: Build from Scratch or Purchase a Pre-built Script? 

Before taking a left, right, or going straight on the road, you have to decide whether to build the app from scratch or purchase a pre-built script. The two app development options are very different from each other. 

  • Building from scratch 

Developing the app from scratch means you are willing to begin by designing, coding, testing, and then launching. Depending on the resources you have or hire, it can take you 7 to 8 years to build and launch the app. Additionally, you will have to incur an ongoing cost of at least US$ 250,000 to develop the multi-service app In Nigeria.  

Apart from this, you need to hire an entire team, pay their salaries, Provident Funds, insurance, and much more. Indeed, it sounds difficult! 

  • Purchasing the Gojek Clone app script

On the contrary, purchasing the cloned app script offers numerous benefits starting from the affordability factor.  The script is available at a four-digit investment cost. That means you’d get to keep all the money you have been saving for all these years. Moreover, you’d strike out hiring the team, paying for the resources, buying/renting an office, etc. 

In brief, you need to purchase the on-demand multi-service script if you want to become a CEO in just 1 to 2 weeks. That’s all the time white-labeling experts need to rebrand, test, and launch your multi-service app. 

Free Demo App Trial - What You Should Jot Down? 

Trying the demo apps for free is an important part of the mobile app development process. Ensure that the demo app is free before moving ahead with the trial. While you are trying out the different features and understanding its multiple services In Nigeria, make notes on: 

  • Customizations I want in the final app.
  • Features and services that my customers want. 
  • The color theme that’d look good.
  • Where I want the company’s name and logo to appear on the  Gojek Clone app.

Next, ensure that you do everything mentioned below: 

1. Talk with the Project Manager and ask them about the Scope Document. It is a single document that contains detailed information about the project deliverables and your cost breakdown. 

2. Made your purchase decision? Good! You can choose to pay with Payment Milestones. Here, you don’t need to pay the entire package cost in one go. Instead, make part payments for better financial management. 

3. Your app development begins as soon as you make the purchase decision. Meanwhile, your app is developing, work on the marketing plans you had in mind. Being an early bird will be beneficial! 

4. Review the apps on time! Unless you review the apps, point modification (if any), or show a thumbs up to the team, your app will not be launched. Therefore, as soon as the team uploads the apps on the firm’s development server, get onto reviewing them! 

Now, you are all set to launch your first Gojek Clone app In Nigeria! Soon enough, your app will be available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 


In conclusion of this guide, one thing that you should keep in mind is - to move down the road carefully. Why? Because you will encounter several white-labeling firms claiming to be World’s #1. Therefore, research and study them carefully! 

Once you find the best Gojek Clone app developers, don’t wait up another minute and start the app development process! 


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