Photo Retouching And Enhancement for eCommerce: Importance in 2022

The success of an eCommerce business depends on multiple factors, from high-quality products and user-friendly interface to seamless customer support, competitive prices, secure payments, and fast shipping. One of the most critical factors- that remains pre-eminent and consistent across the eCommerce industry regardless of the size of a business -is product photo retouching services and editing. 

Photo Retouching And Enhancement for eCommerce

Whether you are selling electronics, footwear, apparel, or home decor, you can only use images and videos to showcase your products to the target consumer. Unlike in-store shopping, where customers can touch or feel the products, online shopping relies on product images. Therefore, it is crucial for eCommerce businesses to use high-resolution, eye-catching, and attractive photos if they want to increase the likelihood of user engagement.

Let’s discuss the top benefits of photo retouching and editing for businesses and explore how they help eCommerce businesses secure better sales. 

Advantages Of Product Image Editing And Retouching For eCommerce Businesses

Product images play a significant role in enticing and engaging your target audience. Every image that you upload to your store must be well-edited and retouched for the following reasons. 

Photo Retouching And Enhancement for eCommerce

1) Highlight Product Features and Details

Any customer looking for a product online wants to be 100% sure before making the final purchase. They want to look at the product’s dimensions, specifications, and other details. 

E.g., if they are looking for a shirt, besides the color and pattern, they might look at its buttons, pockets’ shape/size, or collar.


Photo Retouching And Enhancement for eCommerce

Photo retouching and enhancement employ multiple correction techniques to highlight the minutest features and details (as shown above). This helps shoppers in making an informed buying decision and facilitates customer satisfaction. 

2) Build Credibility And Trustworthiness Among Customers

Multiple businesses are selling products similar to yours. In order to beat the competition, you must develop brand credibility and trust among customers so that they choose you over your competitors.

By opting for photo editing and enhancement, you get authentic images that demonstrate your product similar to what it looks like in real life. When customers find genuine pictures on your website, they find a reason to trust your brand. 

3) Attract New Prospects 

The first impression is almost often the last. The statement couldn’t be more accurate. When a potential buyer comes across your product while searching for similar items, they will look at its images to decide whether or not to go ahead with the purchase.

If the product isn’t visible or apparent due to blurred, poorly lit, and unappealing images, the prospect will abandon the purchase and probably never revisit your store. On the other hand, a well-edited, evenly-toned, and attractive image highlighting the product will grab their attention. This will increase your chances of sales, conversions, and returning customers. 

4) Reduce The Return Rate

One of the most exceptional benefits of online shopping is easy returns/refunds. However, it’s not beneficial for sellers. They have to bear several losses in terms of profit, ratings, reputation, and credibility.   

The chances of a return increase when the product images don't match with the actual product or don’t showcase the product’s qualities and features accurately. In such cases, customers aren’t happy with the purchase and decide to return the item.

eCommerce image editing service reduces the return rate by creating authentic images. They color correct, crop/resize, adjust brightness/exposure/saturation/contrast, remove background, and use other advanced photo enhancement techniques to create visually appealing, accurate, and high-definition photos.

5) Add Uniqueness

The probability that your product image will resemble your competitors’ is high. Therefore, to attract shoppers to your store, you need unique photos.

Image retouching and enhancement allow you to present your product in a rather distinctive way by infusing creativity and innovation while maintaining authenticity. In addition, they add a fresh perspective to the images to make them stand out and convince buyers to shop from you.

Additional Benefits Of Photo Retouching And Editing 

Here are some additional benefits of product image editing and enhancement to help you decide whether or not you should edit your product images.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Get polished and appealing product images

Improve store performance

Boost sales and revenue

Facilitate brand awareness and recognition

Elevate social media engagement

Gain a competitive edge

Amplify Store Performance With Compelling Product Images

Engage customers and persuade them to buy your products by highlighting the features and characteristics via professional product retouching and enhancement. You can either opt for a photo editing tool, take assistance from a freelancer, or leverage product photo retouching services from a trusted outsourcing partner.

Either way, you get high-quality images that help you gain traction and improve your brand performance. However, you must first analyze your requirements and choose a course of action accordingly. 

Happy editing and enhancement!

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