Best Ignition Kill Switch GPS Tracker 2022

Real time GPS trackers have been employed by companies everywhere as a measure to boost anti-theft security and overall fleet management. The reason is that tracking devices equipped on vehicles can be used to monitor employee driving activity, help auto finance companies with repossession, or basically allow anyone to find out where a driver is going. This article will go over the best kill switch GPS vehicle tracker solutions, and explain why having the ability to remotely disable the ignition can be beneficial. 

Best Ignition Kill Switch GPS Tracker

Best Hard-Wire Kill Switch GPS 2022

  • 4G Hardwire Vehicle Tracking Device Updates Every 15 Seconds
  • Money-Back Guarantee If Vehicle Tracker Is Defective 
  • Instantly Disable A Vehicle Remotely With Kill Switches

This car GPS tracker stands above related products such as the spy spot 4G real time GPS and Brickhouse Security GPS with waterproof case and SIM card for a variety of reasons. First of all, this is the only device for cars, boats and assets that was designed specifically for remote disable and fleet tracking. This mini real time GPS can provide speed alerts, geofencing capabilities, and give financing companies pinpoint accurate data on where any vehicle is located 24/7. So if you need to disable an ignition from any location, or simply need vehicle tracking devices to manage drivers, this is the solution we recommend. 


How Auto Finance Companies Use Tracking Systems

GPS units are employed by used car dealers every single day for a variety of reasons, but the most common use for GPS tracking devices is vehicle repossession. When a buy here pay here car dealership extends a loan to a customer they put themselves at risk if the customer fails to make payments. However, with a hard wired locator tracking device, they have the ability to instantly find that financed automobile in that circumstance. This allows the company to safely and securely repossess the car in default. The best part is that real-time GPS tracker with a starter interrupter can be activated remotely to completely disable the vehicle! 

Please note that many hard wire kill switch GPS devices have a subscription required. 

5 Things To Know About Vehicle Repossession

  1. Hiding Your Vehicle Won’t Stop A Car From Being Repossessed 
  2. Lack Of Auto Insurance Can Be A Reason For Repo
  3. Having Your Automobile Repossessed Hurts Your Credit Score 
  4. You Will Still Own Money Even After The Repo
  5. GPS Trackers For Cars Is How Lenders Find Vehicles In Default 

How Do You Disable A GPS Tracker On A Car?

What if you are person who suspects your ex-husband or ex-wife put a personal GPS tracker on your vehicle and are illegally tracking you? What can you do to disable the mini GPS hidden on your car? The answer is to find the tracking system and remove it. Let’s go over that in more detail

Wireless GPS Tracker: Most mini GPS tracker systems sold on Amazon come with a magnetic waterproof case so they can be attached underneath a car. That means you will want to look under your vehicle for any real time mini GPS tracker that could be hidden there. This is also the most common type of GPS device used in private investigations for finding a cheating partner. 

OBD2 Port Tracking System: Another common place a 4h real time mini GPS could be found on a car is in the on board diagnostic port (OBD2 port). This port is typically found near the emergency brake or under the steering column on the driver’s side. Simply remove the fleet GPS from the port and it will instantly be disabled.

Hardwired GPS Tracker: Hardwire kill switch GPS vehicle trackers have to be permanently installed to a car and truck. That means the hidden portable device will be wired to the automobile and pulling power from the 12-volt system. Therefore, you would need to contact a mechanic or someone who specializes in installation such as a stereo or audio/alarm business and have them remove the dashboard to do a visual inspection for a vehicle tracking device. 


GPS starter interrupt device systems are the perfect way for anyone to locate and then disable an automobile. The 4G real time mini GPS mentioned above is the solution we recommend for used car dealers or companies seeking an accurate and user-friendly GPS locator. However, it is important to mention that disabling a vehicle while it is in motion is illegal in most states so you will want to make sure the car is parked before activating the kill switch on the hidden portable locator tracking device. 


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