Top 3 Methods to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

YouTube has the largest music database as every music is available in different output modes, quality, and aspect ratios. There are dozens of live music streaming apps however when we don’t have a strong internet connection, we listen to downloaded music. You can easily download and create your favorite music playlist and play music on the go without any internet connection.

Methods to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

There are different methods to convert YouTube videos to mp3. You can do that on a PC or directly download music on your smartphone. You can download your playlist videos into mp3 format in many ways. The best ones are tried, tested, and listed here for PC and smartphones. The methods are simplified with a step-by-step process to simply download the song in an mp3 format. 

1.      Convert YouTube to MP3 Using Chrome Extensions

2.      Download YouTube to MP3 on Google Chrome

3.      Download Using a Download App

Convert YouTube to MP3 Using Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome has an excellent feature of adding Chrome extensions for different purposes. You need not open more tabs or install apps to download mp3 music from YouTube. There are YouTube to mp3 extensions available that you can add to your chrome browser and directly click to download the music file.

By Click Downloader is one of the Best YouTube to MP3 Chrome Extensions that you can download for Google Chrome and add to your browser. It’s easy to download and install on your Chrome browser and comes with intuitive customizable settings. You can choose the directory where you wish to download, choose file format between audio or video, choose the download quality between low to best and download the file.

Download YouTube to MP3 on Google Chrome

There are several portals online that allow you to download YouTube videos to mp3 format. These online converters can let you download music on a PC, Mac, or smartphone.

Steps for a PC or a Mac

Step 1. Open up any browser (Google Chrome, Safari, or Edge) and access YouTube.

Step 2. Get into your playlist or search for your favorite video that needs to be downloaded.

Step 3. Copy the Address of the video from the address bar. You can select and press (Ctrl + C) for Windows or (Command + C) on Mac.

Top 3 Methods to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

Step 4. Access another browser tab and go to the best YouTube video or audio downloader website.





Step 5. Paste the YouTube URL into the search bar on the home page and click on the Download button. It will search for the link and list all the downloadable formats, quality, and size of the content. Select the one you wish to download and the download will begin on the computer.

Steps for Android

You can follow the same process as listed above for the PC or can make it simplified with an app. There are a few downloader apps available on Google Play Store that can aid in completing the process.

Step 1. Open up the YouTube app on your Android and search for your favorite video.

Step 2. Tap on the Share link under the video and go for the Copy link option from the list.

Top 3 Methods to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

Step 3. Access any of the websites listed above in the browser and paste the link on the search bar. It will give you options to download and select the quality of the song. It will begin the download process with a single tap on the link.

Download Using a Download App

You can also download the (Video Downloader, Download Video) app from Google Play Store to download and save YouTube videos or audio files. FREE Apps cap simplifies the process however you will be littered with plenty of ads during the process. Using YouTube to MP3 Google chrome extension will not pop up any advertisements but it’s not available for Android.

Top 3 Methods to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

There are tons of software applications for Windows PC as well to quickly download or convert YouTube videos to mp3. We have tried and tested a few of the best applications and listed the best software application to download YouTube videos and audio files.

Top 3 Methods to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

4K Video Downloader is one of the best video downloaders and converters to download YouTube videos in audio or video formats. You can simply add the video link to the software and download videos in 4K format if the video is available in 4K format. It gives you the option to download in multiple sizes or qualities. You can simply choose the format and click on the download button.

Final Words

Keeping offline music is useful at times when we want to listen to the music and don’t have an active internet connection. There are several YouTube to mp3 extensions that can help you download music on Windows PC. You can also make use of online converters and downloaders to convert YouTube videos to mp3 and get them on your device. If you have an Android smartphone, Apps from Google Play Store can also aid in downloading YouTube videos into mp3 format.


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