How to Develop an SEO Strategy for Your Company

Search engine optimization (SEO) represents the process of enhancing your company’s website in an effort to improve its visibility in search engine results pages. The main objective is to rank more highly and attract organic traffic, but this goal isn’t always simple to achieve. You will have to follow the latest SEO trends and leverage the most effective tactics in order to reach success. With that in mind, here are some ways you could develop a great SEO strategy for your business:

SEO Strategy for Your Company

Align your business goals with SEO

Before you begin developing an SEO strategy, you must first establish your main goals and the factors that will aid in determining success. Start by doing an SEO audit that will help you identify current issues and guide your optimization process. This includes checking your domain name, website and page factors, content quality and organization, link structures, etc. When you know exactly where you stand, it will be easier to develop a suitable strategy for reaching your objectives. Just don’t forget to determine your key performance indicators (KPIs) that will allow you to suitably measure success.

Do extensive keyword research

While a number of different factors could affect search engine rankings, keywords are arguably the most important aspect. Whether they’re single words or longer phrases, keywords aim to demonstrate to search engines what your content is all about. However, implementing keywords into content isn’t quite as easy as just mentioning the product you’d like to sell. You will also have to do extensive keyword research to ensure optimization. This is done by considering search intent, identifying the most relevant keywords, including keyword phrases, leveraging keyword research tools, knowing search volumes, and more.

Try to conduct a competitor analysis

You likely wouldn’t even need SEO if you weren’t directly competing with other businesses and websites. If you think about strategies, check out those used by Impressive Digital - top SEO companies in Australia recommend performing a competitor analysis as one of the most impactful SEO solutions. Among other strategies, these professionals will use specific SEO tools to target keywords your competitors are ranking for, thus helping you boost your market share on search engines. Only when you have a clear idea of the most competitive keywords and the methods other companies in your industry are using can you position yourself for the greatest results.

SEO Strategy for Your Company

Plan for improved user experiences

According to Google Developers, the structure of a website is another vital factor, even though it’s often overlooked. And it’s easy to see why. No amount of interesting content or competitive keywords will save your website if it’s constantly broken, loading slowly, or otherwise deterring users. Consider the architecture of your website and the user experiences you provide to ensure all site visitors are performing the desired actions. This means identifying and fixing any technical problems such as slow loading times and broken links using one of the many specialized free tools that are available online.

Keep your customer funnel in mind

After all, high sales are likely among your main priorities, but they won’t be possible without customers. To support this procedure, your SEO campaign has to line up with your customer funnel as well. Also known as the customer journey, this funnel is a combination of all touchpoints consumers have with your business as they move from recognition to purchasing. The right SEO strategy can help to support nearly all aspects of this process. For instance, better rankings will increase awareness and boost interest, a carefully thought-out meta description could encourage purchasing decisions, optimized points of sale will make purchasing easy, and customer reviews could aid in the post-purchase phase.

Track and measure your SEO strategy

Devising the right strategy for your business isn’t enough. SEO is a continuous long-term process, meaning that you will also have to track your progress and measure your success over time. Critical metrics you should focus on include bounce rate, organic sessions, crawl errors, and top exit pages. By pinpointing these factors, you will be able to better understand what your consumers are searching for and which aspects are driving them away. Follow these metrics on a regular basis to determine the best course of action. Pivots and adjustments will often be needed to increase your chances of success.

Mastering SEO won’t be easy, but it’s essential for ensuring success in the modern business environment. Use the advice mentioned above to streamline this process and develop an SEO strategy for your company that will support future growth.


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