New Product launches To Expand Scope of the Use of Fitness Apps across the Globe

The rapid spread of COVID-19 and lockdowns imposed to curtail its spread made people stay indoors and this helped them in focusing on their health & wellness, thereby paving way for a huge demand for fitness apps. A hectic lifestyle and the need for workouts to burn out fats and stay healthy have boosted the demand for fitness apps. The rise in work-from-home jobs and the need to stay fit to efficiently perform routine tasks has played a key role in influencing the growth of the fitness app industry across the globe. Fitness apps have helped people in maintaining their work-life balance and improving their work proficiency. Moreover, there is a growing trend among the working women population towards the use of fitness apps to help them effectively perform their routine activities. This, in turn, has further translated into huge growth opportunities for the fitness health market. Growing health awareness among the geriatric population has culminated in humongous demand for the fitness app among this group of population. Furthermore, the massive use of fitness apps by healthcare workers and healthcare service providers has provided an impetus to the application of fitness apps in various sectors. According to the report published by Allied Market Research, the global fitness app market is projected to accrue revenue worth $120.37 billion by 2030.

Fitness Apps across the Globe

Key players in the global fitness app market are implementing strategies such as the launching of new products aimed at introducing advanced and innovative fitness apps on smartphones, tablets, and televisions, thereby focusing on bringing an improvement in the fitness and health of the people. In addition, the new product offerings are intended at helping working professionals in improving their health and vitality as well as stay active.  Furthermore, the new product launching strategy has helped the industry players in increasing their customer base globally. Moreover, this strategy has enabled key participants in gaining a competitive edge over their competitors and gain huge profits on their investments. The strategy of new product launches is predicted to assist the industry in minimizing the rate of customer churn along with acquiring new customers and creating a value proposition for their products. Let us discuss some of the ongoing trends observed in the global fitness app industry and their impact on the business of the industry players.

Fabletics Launches Fabletics FIT To Improve Health, Wellness, and Fitness Of End-Users

New product launches have deeply impacted the growth of any industry and the fitness app industry is one of them which is immensely impacted by the launching of novel products. Insane AI, a Bangalore-based startup firm, launched a fitness training app supported by artificial intelligence. Reportedly, the fitness training application converts the phone into a smart fitness companion that will offer feedback to the users. The move will provide new growth avenues for the fitness app industry across the globe. Furthermore, Fabletics introduced Fabletics FIT, a new fitness app for on-demand workouts and meditation. Furthermore, the fitness app is designed to fulfill the escalating demand for immersive at-home fitness experiences. The move will boost the health and wellness of the end-users. Furthermore, Apple launched Fitness+, the first fitness app service developed around Apple Watch. The new fitness app will be available to users of iPhone, Apple TV, and iPad. The Apple Fitness + app provides the most popular workouts that include high-intensity interval training, cycling, yoga, treadmill, dance, rowing, and mindful cooldown. Reportedly, the workouts are supported by inspiring music from top musicians across the globe. The launching of the new app will help users in staying healthy and fit, thereby boosting global market trends.

WTF Launches Mobile-based fitness App to Help End-users Focus on Their Fitness Goals

Continuing with the trend of new product launches, WTF, an exquisite fitness & wellness brand, launched a mobile-based fitness app that will help people focus on achieving their fitness objectives both at home and Gym. The newly launched fitness app will help fitness-conscious people in recording calorie consumption, log in exercise stats, and change their routine habits for fulfilling their personal health goals. The strategic move will contribute notably towards the size of the global fitness app industry. Apart from this, Inditex group, a key manufacturer of sportswear, loungewear, and intimates, launched Oysho Training, sports, yoga, and running workout applications. This new fitness app will help users in creating workout programs depending on their interests and the intensity of workouts. Oysho Training also provides coaching of virtual trainers to the users. Reportedly, the fitness app will also offer new customized plans to users for achieving particular fitness goals and help them in sharing their fitness achievements. Furthermore, the new app will encompass a 3D avatar that makes use of augmented reality and brings improvement in physical exercise techniques along with providing clips on particular movements for perfecting the physical exercises. The move will benefit the growth of the global fitness app market.

Market Players are Implementing Key Business Strategies To expand Their Business Across the Globe

Industry participants are focusing on executing key business strategies such as new product launches aimed at increasing their consumer base and returns on investments. Furthermore, these business strategies have proved beneficial for the global fitness app market and are slated to sketch a profitable roadmap for the global market. Successful implementation of these strategies is likely to help players in gaining first mover advantage along with contributing remarkably towards diversification of product portfolio. These strategies will also help market players in expanding their business across the globe and thus enhance their business reach. The launching of innovative products will also help the industry players enter newer markets and explore their untapped growth potential. This, in turn, will also open new dimensions of growth for the global fitness app market in the years to come.


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