Why You Should Be Using Video in Your Social Media Strategy

Videos can explain a concept to a consumer much faster and simpler than text. It's hardly surprising that more and more businesses are including videos in their social media marketing strategy.

Social Media

With more and more viewers downloading videos on their mobile phones, it's vital to include videos in your marketing strategy to attract more customers. 

Creating stunning videos for your Social Media Strategy is not very complicated, and you get some amazing results. Here are some compelling reasons for including videos in social media:

Get the Viewer's Attention

Viewer attention spans are falling, and to attract their attention, you need high-grade content and short but interesting videos. Customers are more likely to go through a short and appealing video than long pieces of text. 

Divide the message you want to share into small digestible videos, and viewer engagement will go up. Keep your content crisp and informative so that viewers keep wanting more. 

Optimize Your Content

Your video should appear at the top of the SERP or Search Engine Result Pages for it to be viewed. To ensure better SERP results, your video content needs to be optimized. When you optimize SEO, your social media page will enjoy higher traffic. 

Here are some pointers to creating trending or popular content:

  • Write a catchy headline
  • Ensure that the meta description is crisp and informative
  • Use the relevant hashtags for Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

Call-To-Action Statement

Your ultimate goal as a small business owner is to increase website traffic, get viewers to share your video, or convert viewers to customers. How do you do that? Ensure that the video has an effective CTA or call to action. 

An engaging video is half the job done since you must ensure that they take action after watching it. The CTA prompts the viewer to either download a link or visit your website to look at your products or services.

The social media strategy is an investment that should result in higher sales. Viewers need to know what to do after watching the video. The CTA is the guidance they need. 

Unique Message

There should be one clear message that your video should share with your customer.

Like a conversation, discussing too many topics can confuse the customer, and they might lose interest in your video. Share a single story that is so engaging that the viewers want to know 'what happens next.'

Remove any unwanted information that confuses the viewer using a video editor. If your message is clear and convincing, you can earn returns from your video for months. You'll also be able to build on this content for future videos. 

Greater Brand Exposure

The quality of your video depends to a large extent on the audio and picture quality. Before you upload your video on social media, use the online video editor to remove any background noise or video resolution issues. 

A video has a much higher impact compared to a still picture, but if the quality of your video is sub-standard, you've lost a client. Attention spans are low and falling, and viewers will not tolerate low picture quality and bad sound.

Your video quality will determine the level of engagement of the viewers and make sure that they don't leave in the middle of it.

Focus on Trending Topics

There are some categories of content or news that get a lot of attention. Everyone is interested in knowing more about that topic. Grab the attention of your viewer by including these trending topics in your video so that it can go viral.

Your marketing campaign should smartly integrate the latest trends so that it gets discussed among your viewers and start conversations. Repeat popular hashtags every week and include a wider consumer demographic.

Your social media campaign is then linked to the latest trends, and your viewership increases. 

Announce Breaking News

If you want to get noticed online, you need to be on at least one social media platform.

Are you coming up with a new product or adding a unique flavor to an existing product? Social media is the best platform to make this announcement. 

Viewers can watch your videos to clearly understand what you are offering as a product or service, which improves brand recall. Explaining the benefits of your product through a video is much easier since your viewers are able to see how a product works.

The impact is far greater when you share the latest news in your company through video.

Building Your Brand

Logos play an important role in brand building, whether used in still creatives or videos. Using watermarks in your video can help improve brand recognition.

Viewers are constantly exposed to your logo when watching the video, which helps build a connection with your brand. 

Watching your logo in your videos helps to build brand trust over time. Viewers start recognizing your company, and brand loyalty improves. The corporate identity is firmly established in the minds of the viewers. 

Go Behind the Scenes

A winning strategy for viewer engagement is taking them behind the scenes. How do you do this? It's simple; you introduce them to the people behind your products or services. 

Viewers are interested in knowing the work culture at your organization, the people behind the brand, and why they should do business with you. When you open your doors to your viewers, they feel like family, and that connection is established. 

Let your employees speak about a day in their life, including what they do after work. When you start pushing your products or services all the time to your viewers, it results in monotony. They get tired of this excessive marketing and move away from you. 

Monitor Results

Are your videos getting the attention they need? Are you getting the returns you desire? Analytics features in social media platforms allow you to measure the success of your campaign.

These analytics tools also give you valuable information like the time a viewer spends on your page, the frequency of visits, the products they click on, and more. Check the click-throughs and analyze if your CTA or call-to-action is working or not.

You can determine the platform that gives you the best results in terms of viewer engagement and customer conversion in this manner.


Videos can make a spectacular difference to your social media strategy. The reason is viewers engage more with a content-rich video demonstrating a product or service than text. With online platforms offering video editing services, creating your social media video should be a hassle-free experience.

So what are you waiting for? Begin implementing videos today in order to get the best out of social media marketing!


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