Content Marketing with Jobs to be Done

Think about life without Google. Where would we turn if we wanted to learn how to purchase bitcoin, make money online, or delete an Instagram account? To solve our problems, we would likely need to acquire new skills or hire a professional. Google and other search engines do not necessarily mean that we have fewer problems. Simply put, it means we don't always need to hire someone to handle those tasks or find solutions for us. We can Google instead. 

Content Marketing with Jobs to be Done

We have work to do each time we want to advance, develop, or alter our current situation.

JTBD is a concept that is frequently used in product development, marketing, and design to define what the customer wants to achieve.

What is content marketing?

Right now, content marketing is extremely popular, and everyone you talk to is advising you to use it if you want to have a successful business. In order to draw in and keep the attention of a target audience and encourage profitable customer action, content marketing is a strategic marketing strategy that focuses on producing and disseminating valuable, pertinent, and consistent content.

Before you start looking for target keywords and modifying the headlines in your content plan, you need to write down the tasks that need to be accomplished.

However, if your content marketing strategy is SEO-focused and you conduct keyword research before analysing your audience (which is acceptable), you can also develop tasks based on the keywords you select for your semantic core.

Creating content for JTBD

Educating clients essentially boils down to two fundamental ideas:

Teach them two things: how to use your product, and how to get results.

This elevates the job and downplays the significance of the industry you're in, the rivals you deal with, and the personas you sell to, similar to the Jobs to be Done framework for products.

People also employ information. Even if they are free, it is the reason we read blog posts and why we spend money on books.

Of course, there are some exceptions when it comes to content: "follow our journey," "use creatively," "side projects," and "viral lift" of a well-liked opinion piece on the company blog are all effective ways to draw in new customers.

How content marketing gives benefit to Job To Be Done growth

  • First, research indicates that an increasing number of people are turning to the internet instead of television as their primary source of news and information. As a result, they are currently using search engines, blogs, and social media to gather information. They also anticipate receiving content from brands they want to or have grown to trust that is not only approachable but also authentic and relevant.

  • The fact that content marketing generates so many more leads than outbound marketing strategies is the second major benefit of using it. This is why: People favour non-intrusive content that they can access whenever and wherever they want.This enables you to expand your clientele while also enhancing your brand, saving your time, money, and effort.

  • The ability to distribute your content across a variety of online platforms and direct more traffic to your landing page is another excellent reason to support content marketing. In essence, you accomplish two tasks at once, which helps you build your brand quickly and effectively.

Get this: It has been demonstrated that content marketing is 6x more effective at turning leads into actual buyers. The explanation for this is that content marketing fosters customer trust, and consumers will always choose to do business with brands and individuals they are confident in. This is a key justification for including content marketing in your company's overall business plan.

What is a content marketing strategy checklist?

What are the client's objectives for their content strategy? There is much more that a good content strategy can accomplish than just increasing inbound site traffic and a full sales funnel. Perhaps they want to show their users how knowledgeable they are. In any case, the first step is always to identify and define the client's larger goals because a content strategy is only as effective as its connection to those goals.

Topic: Once the campaign's objectives have been decided upon, it is time to create an editorial calendar to help you get there. create 4-5 content topic buckets so they can organise the content according to subject. It could include things like SEO-related topics, user education topics, business announcements or information, market commentary, etc.

Production: After that, creating the content is all that is required. It's fairly simple, but scaling it up calls for some management and planning to ensure proper execution. This could be a lengthy topic all by itself.

Analytics: There are metrics, of course. A content strategy is only as effective as what you can track, so choosing what to track and how to track it early on in the process is helpful. That will allow you to determine whether the plan is succeeding as anticipated and whether adjustments need to be made in order to change course midway through.


Last but not least, content marketing will enable your customer base to view you more favourably than something that constantly irritates them until they give in or unsubscribe. As a result, you become the first person they contact when they are looking for what your company sells. Additionally, they will recommend you to others, which will help you expand your clientele.

The use of content marketing is here to stay and is a quick and inexpensive way to expand your company.


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