9 Reasons to Hire Mobile App Developers in India

Coming up with new and creative ideas for apps that can compel the customers to engage, interact, and buy from you can get convoluted. However, a more challenging task is finding a mobile app developer who will provide you with the desired result within the stipulated time and expected quality. Finding the right developer for your project involves many constraints; it requires proper research for a resource(s) with a great understanding of app development and its nuances and one who can fit into your budget. 

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Earlier, businesses were limited to their geographies when looking for such resources. But, in recent times, when a company plans to hire app developer in India, they are free to evaluate a global resource pool, thanks to the growing prevalence of remote working and outsourcing. On that note, it has been observed that many US businesses are choosing to hire mobile app developers in India.  

There are many reasons why a company does that. Let’s discuss a few. 

9 Reasons to Hire Mobile App developers from India instead of the USA

If you are planning to hire an app developer, then you ought to know why it is more advantageous to hire mobile app developers from India. 

1. Multi-skilled mobile app developers

India is the leading country in mobile app developers' demand. However, developers from this nation are not only specialists in one particular segment of mobile development; rather, there is quite a good number of multi-skilled resources here. Additionally, if a company is planning to get its app built on both iOS and Android, then the right choice for companies are Indian developers who are experts and have years of experience in handling the app development process on both operating systems. 

2. Technical support 

India has been known as the global hub of customer support service providers for over two decades. Hence, companies can hire Indian mobile app development companies without any hassle as they offer 24/7 technical support. The team of experts is ready to solve any query that comes from your end without taking much of your time.

Due to the prioritizing of work-life balance and unfavorable government policies, it’s difficult to get 24*7 technical support from USA outsourcing agencies. 

3. Quick and high-quality results

Another and highly important reason is the unmatched efficiency and effectiveness of mobile app developers in India. The tried and tested best practices of Indian IT firms enable them to deliver high-quality results within the stipulated time. 

Mobile development companies in India work by defining a fixed timeline for the given projects soon after the project is signed. After deciding the time frame, a dedicated team starts the project according to the time zone of the client’s country. This strategy helps them to deliver the project before or on the date decided while maintaining the quality of the result. 

Furthermore, to speed up the process, these companies keep their client in the loop, and with regular feedback sessions, the mobile development process gears up the speed. In addition, it is also noticed that Indian mobile app developers can give a demo of the app in about half the time frame given by clients. Unlike Indian firms, USA companies have different ways of working, which might cause trouble to their clients as they might be clueless about how their data is being processed. 

4. Transparency

The two most important things for mobile app developers are transparency and ethics. You can be sure to avoid any hidden fees when you hire an Indian mobile app development business. This indicates that a high level of transparency will enable you to quickly and accurately decide how to proceed with various real-time operations. This way, Indian companies ensure a higher retention rate of their clients.

Indian IT firms offering mobile app development are also comfortable providing their floor camera access (where employees are working during shifts) to their clients, which is something no one has heard from any USA company.

5. Governmental support

The Indian Government is highly supportive of offshore and outsourcing employment industries. Backed by 100% foreign equity, it supports IT infrastructure in all developed and metro cities.

Additionally, under IT Act 2,000, this domain has recently received the country’s largest investments. This makes mobile app development economical, easy, and highly fair. Furthermore, the Indian government has also started a startup campaign and given them all possible support by framing highly flexible and favorable policies for these startups. Thus, it’s pretty clear why Indian developers are a far better choice than most of the developed nations.

6. Cost-effective

Even the top most Mobile development companies in India will offer their service to you at an affordable rate. You will need to spend at least $150 per hour if you select any firm from the USA. But if you choose an Indian company, you will only have to pay $15-$45 per hour, which is much less than $150 per hour. You can enjoy the benefits of high-quality service at the most reasonable rate when considering an Indian mobile app development company.

7. New-age technologies

It’s widely known that coding, technologies, and tools used in a mobile app or website development are rapidly changing, especially in iOS and Android, where we have seen many changes in just a few years. This rapid and frequent evolution of technology requires developers to keep themselves up-to-date with new requirements, or they will become obsolete in just a few years. While the companies from the USA don’t update themselves frequently and do not provide frequent training to their employees, it’s observed that Indian firms keep themselves up-to-date with hardware and software resources.

8. Following all global quality standards

Indian firms are known to follow all the quality standards. If you hire an individual firm, you don’t have to worry about the legal procedure, as they will handle all the processes. They take full responsibility for the completely legal procedure and managing all the documents required to start the project.

The following are the absolute most normal quality guidelines:

  • Six Sigma Quality
  • TQM or Total Quality Management
  • COPC or customer operations performance center
  • Capability maturity model (CMM)
  • ISO 9000

According to a survey, 75% of all CMM-certified companies are Indian firms. That’s quite an achievement for any nation. Additionally, the world's highest ISO 9000 certified companies are also Indian firms!

9. USA outsourcing hub: India

Besides being a customer service outsourcing hub, India is also known for being an outsourcing hub for most of the IT work in the USA. Thousands of small and large-scale global industries are already aggressively looking for Indian IT firms to get their mobile app developed. For over a decade, India has emerged as the top country and highly preferred to deliver IT services!

When other companies from the US are already hiring Indian developers, it will not be a smart decision to go against the calculative decision of other companies and choose developers from the US.


When compared to USA developers, it’s clear that mobile app development company in India are highly reliable and the best fit for all types of small and large-scale IT industries. But because India has thousands of IT firms, it's important for you to analyze which one will suit your needs perfectly and cost-effectively. Make sure to thoroughly review their portfolio and consider other factors like skills, references, communication style, experience, and more. Additionally, make sure to look for a firm with whom you can get your current app development and all your future work done. Once you hire a perfect-fit IT firm to outsource your mobile app development, you’re unlikely to face any major technical or service-related issues.


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