Tech Aspects to Consider When Starting an E-commerce Store

One of the most popular ways of making a living online nowadays is through an e-commerce store. E-commerce essentially implies buying and selling products or services online. As you can imagine, the competition is pretty high. There are some basic aspects every e-commerce store needs to function. However, to stand out from the crowd, you should consider some additional technological aspects you can implement. These technologies are increasingly advanced and as such, they have the power to personalize the whole shopping experience. Moreover, they can improve customer service and in that way boost e-commerce sales. 


To stay ahead of your competition, you can consider implementing some of the new and advanced technologies. For instance, you can start with an e-commerce ERP, which enables you to manage your business with a single software. Then, you can consider using an omnichannel platform - it enables you to integrate both sales and communication channels into your e-commerce store. Customers really love when online stores use the artificial intelligence feature that includes a smart recommendation system and a smart search - more on that later. Moreover, there are various handy pricing tools you can use to compare prices with your major competitors. 

1. E-commerce ERP

The special business managing software ERP has also a special software alternative made specifically for e-commerce. Such software is used to manage all aspects of your e-commerce business, including finances, inventory control and invoice issuance. It is a great business addition as it automates and optimizes tasks. Besides that, it also creates various reports that can be of great help when it comes to important decision-making. It has plenty of benefits for an e-commerce business. Its handy features make it an indispensable digital tool for doing business successfully nowadays. You can look up all its features online and see how it works. 

2. An omnichannel platform

Omnichannel platforms are used nowadays to stay ahead of the competition and increase profitability. This kind of platform enables you to combine sales and communication channels in your e-commerce store. You can place all the aspects into one platform, including online and physical stores, social networks and applications with the mutual aim of attracting, serving and keeping customers. This is also a great way to keep all the useful information obtained about the customers from multiple channels. In turn, the information can be used to enhance the shopping experience. 

The online shopping experience needs to be a positive one - the same as in the physical store. That means certain things regarding product management and organisation. For instance, if your e-commerce store is selling clothes, you should organize wholesale clothing in a neat and logical way, ideally in categories. That makes it easier for your potential customers to locate the items they need.

3. A smart recommendation system

A smart recommendation system feature is another feature that customers really love. Besides that, it is also a powerful tool for making higher revenue. It is believed to be the most effective e-commerce technology resource to attract, convert and retain customers. This feature uses data analysis to compose a smart virtual display of products. It shows you product suggestions, facilitating further shopping. These systems can even be customized for every shopper personally. 

4. Smart search

Currently, one of the most popular high-tech features that are implemented in e-commerce stores is a smart search. This handy option gives the customer the opportunity to search the virtual store in an optimal way. This is a crucial thing to include in your e-commerce website as the statistics show that more than 60% of sales come from the search box. Your website should show the right results quickly to have a customer buy it. A smart search has a few characteristics. It is fast and highly responsive, it has phonetic similarity features, colour search which is 100% automated; behavioural search personalized for each customer as well as voice and image search.

5. Handy pricing tools

If you run an e-commerce store in a highly competitive field, you should have in mind the prices of your competition for the same product you’re offering. A handy, quick and easy way to do that is with some pricing tools. You can use this tool to compare prices in real-time. This can help you make decisions that will make a difference in conversions. You can also compare additional features such as stock availability and shipping conditions offered by them.

These are just some of the aspects you can consider for your e-commerce store - there are plenty more. Look them up online, and choose the best ones for you. Remember that technology is developing quickly so you should always be up to date.


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