How to Use Social Media to Increase Sales?

If you want to increase online sales, consider the last time you tried to make an online purchase but bailed before you even reached the checkout page. Was it a result of your unclear intentions to purchase? Perhaps you became dissatisfied with the difficult checkout process or learned how much the shipping expenses were. The shocking 69.23% cart abandonment rate for online shopping suggests that many consumers may bypass your sales funnel, destroying the conversion rates you've worked so hard to build. There could be countless reasons why your leads don't complete their purchases. But by utilizing the power of social media, you can convert hot leads into sales and regular customers. 

How to Use Social Media to Increase Sales?

8 Effective Social Media Strategies for Increasing Sales 

These 8 great strategies will help you increase online sales with social media content.

1. Use Hashtags Consistently

Hashtags may be quite effective, as we've previously seen on Twitter, and the same is true of other sites that support hashtag usage. In addition to making it simple for your audience to follow and join conversations, content that has been hashtagged also makes it simple for you to track.

For instance, one of the most well-known campaigns is arguably Coca-#ShareACoke Cola's initiative. Sales were boosted by the campaign, which also created a tonne of user-generated content on social media. It was successful because it encouraged a sense of community and mass personalisation.

2. Promote A Quick Sale

How to properly plan and carry out flash deals to increase online sales:

  • Make sure one-day shipping is your option because most clients want their orders mailed out soon.
  • Flash sales can lead to numerous orders for a select few items. Although creating a sense of urgency and scarcity might increase demand, you risk upsetting clients if they pay for items that are no longer in stock. As a result, monitor your stock levels, adjust your supply chain structure as necessary, and maintain regular communication with your customers by providing them with updates.
  • You can also offer the best discount codes to your customers. 
  • A website's capacity to manage high traffic numbers might be tested through flash sales.
  • You last want to let clients down by having overloaded servers. It's crucial to scale resources according to demand and forecast potential demand.

3. Encouraging Free Shipping

Create a discount code to start with that customers utilize on checkout page to get free shipping. After that, integrate it into your CMS and do a test order to ensure that the free shipping discount automatically takes effect.

Share your online promo codes to increase online sales with social media, but remember that visual representations of your offer stand out more in a cluttered social feed, particularly on Facebook.

4. Use Giveaways to Gather Leads

If offered an incentive, people are more likely to make a purchase. What could be a better inducement than the chance to win your product free? You can use giveaways to get leads. 

  • Identify your target market. What do they hope to achieve?
  • A landing page should be made for your giveaway. Include entry information, T&Cs, and an entry method.
  • Utilize a giveaway tool that supports email integration, such as ConvertKit or LeadPages, to gather leads.
  • While marketing on social media, let the freebie run its course.
  • Send an email and post on social media to the winners and encourage everyone else to shop on your website.

5. Adapt to Mobile Devices

People use mobile more frequently than desktop ones to access social media. Additionally, these users share social media posts twice as frequently as those who use desktop computers.

Given these changes, having to increase online sales with social media material that is mobile-friendly is essential. These contents are typically shorter, making them simple to view on mobile devices.

So how can you maximise social media material that is mobile device optimised? Here are some recommendations:

  • Keep your post's goals simple: increase awareness, video views, etc.
  • Post during peak mobile usage periods, frequently when individuals travel to or from work. Use Facebook and Instagram device targeting.
  • Use mobile post formats and provide your video subtitles.
  • Send users to mobile-friendly landing pages.

6. Strengthen Your Brand's Voice

Consider the following figures:

  • 59% of consumers said that following a company is primarily motivated by its "authenticity of the content."
  • According to 65% of consumers, a brand's emotional appeal is since "they care about people like me."

Successful brands communicate well with their customers; you must define and distinguish your voice.

7. Make Your Social Networking Sites More Visible

Embedding social media buttons on your website and other communications is a fantastic method to broaden the audience for your content and the social media channels you communicate with your audience. You might use the following places to introduce your social media networks to your audience.

Your blog's footer and website's header, as well as any emails you send out or marketing campaigns you run for a single post

8. Curate and highlight user-generated content

Did you know that UGC gives a brand a more genuine feel? Additionally, since UGC—such as reviews and testimonials—can attest to a website's dependability, it benefits the 19% of shoppers who quit their online basket after losing faith in it upon entering their credit card information.

The following three UGC types can help you lower cart abandonment:

  • Reviews and references
  • shopper images and videos
  • former clients write blog entries

Last Words

So that now you know the top 8 effective strategies of social media marketing to increase online sales with social media, it’s time for you to start implementing them quickly to get results. Delaying actions will only result in the late growth of your business. By implementing these strategies, not only your potential customers will be more interested in buying from you, you can convert leads into regular customers. 


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