How Does Technology Help Salons To Manage Customer Wait Time?

No one has time to wait! With technology at their fingertips, everyone likes to get the work done in less time without waiting. So is true about the customers of your Salon. You might have seen many customers leaving when they have to wait for more for their appointment. Obviously, it leads to a loss in regular footfall, however, there are chances that they can spread negative word of mouth about your beauty business. 


And, we do not think we need to tell you about the further consequences. What about using the best salon booking system to streamline all the activities? Precisely, it is an all-in-one Salon management software with the sole purpose to handle the operational and administrative tasks. However, letting them serve the customers on time without making them wait and ensure the best service at the same time. Urge to know more about how technology plays an essential part in managing the waiting time of customers. Then, keep on reading!

How can the management software improve the customer’s waiting time?

Collect the Customer Data

First thing first, it is essential to have all the important details of customers. And, here Salon software helps! It lets you save the details such as name, email, contact number, previous services taken, likes and dislikes, and so on. With such information in hand, you can reduce the waiting time before appointments. Notifying the customers about the exact time and date of the booking with your Salon days before will ensure no waiting. 

Take online bookings prior to their visit

Well, the online booking system definitely saves a lot of time as well as assists the staff to manage the operation efficiently. Give your customers an opportunity to book the services without commuting to the location. The individual can conveniently book their appointment for any available time slot that suits their schedule.  Additionally, the staff can access the details such as:

  • Service availed
  • The staff member who accepted the booking
  • Booked Time slot, etc.
  • So, you can attend to the client as soon as they arrive without making them wait for any registration process.    

Integrate Kiosk for Check-in

With the advanced technology, the customers are not required to show up at the counter and confirm their visit. From the kiosk, they can easily check in or the smartphones can be used to register their entry.  Consequently, till their turn or in the meantime, they can complete the other chores. The management software notifies them before their turn and they will show up on time. 

Keep the clients updated on their waiting time

Waiting is definitely a tough task and even worse when there is no estimation of wait time. So, to help your customers to know how much they have to wait and which sequence number is being attended right now, use digital screens. 

The digital signage screen is the large tv placed in the waiting room to track the token number.  Every individual seated can view the real-time queue movement. Therefore, they can predict their turn without having to communicate with the staff members.  Meanwhile, they can check other services and promotional advertisements on the same screens to get updates.

Leverage waiting time notifications

Do you find it essential to inform the customers of the approximate waiting time? For us, it is of utmost importance. Otherwise, you have to encounter customers' frustration. So, by choosing the salon software, you can notify the customer about their waiting time to get served. These notifications could be in the form of SMS and emails. For sure, it enhances the user experience. 

Keep a tab on real-time information

From time to time, it becomes important to keep an eye on business analytics and insights. It gives surety that you are performing the right way and on the right path. The reports on the waiting time or the approximate time for the service, the percentage of customers visiting, etc. give you an idea. Having this information, you can streamline the waiting time. 

Manages no-shows 

Considering the Salon industry, the owners have to face a lot of business failures when the customer does not show up on time. Certainly, there could be many reasons, but, the loss is a loss. With the online booking system for salons, they can manage it all to a great extent.  From the notification of SMS and email, the customers get notified by the salon owners about their upcoming appointment. Considering so, they will confirm or cancel or reschedule their appointment.  Accordingly, you can book others in the row waiting for the service. In all, you do not have to face the issues of no-shows and yes, last-minute cancellations as well. 

Combining data source

Most of the management software can be easily integrated with other software or sources operating on smartphones and offer enhanced functional solutions in return.  Considering the case of the Salon in which the customers book an appointment during peak hours, the software notifies about those salons nearby that have less waiting time. Also, the system keeps an eye on and notifies when the traffic is heavy or less; all because of the integration with the data sources. Because of such technologies, time can be managed smartly and guarantees the best interaction between customers and service providers. 

Concluding Remarks

Waiting is painful for not only customers but also for business owners. You have given a lot of your efforts, time, and expenses to establish your name and reputation. So, why kill it by letting customers wait? It is better to switch to an automated solution for ensuring that customers do not have to wait for more time and give them service on time. We assure you that it is worth it. Indeed, with such a solution, most of the work can be managed and you will get the time to work on improving your business revenue. So, how do you find the deal? Share your thoughts with us! 


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