How Magento 2 Can Benefit Your Ecommerce Businesses

You are at the right place if you have an offline store or a startup trying to increase your web presence. It is often confusing to choose the ecommerce platform for your business because the platform should be scalable, flexible, secure, and highly reliable so that it is compatible with your future plans.

How Magento 2 Can Benefit Your Ecommerce Businesses

The ecommerce platform that offers all of the above is Magento. Magento is such a platform that can offer you a web store with advanced features to cater to all your needs. If you choose Magento or if you already have a Magento store, one more thing you can do to increase your web presence is to have a mobile application.

For someone just starting, getting developed two native mobile apps sounds expensive. But with Magento mobile app builder, you can have your mobile applications build faster and at affordable rates. 

What is Magento 2 Mobile App Builder?

Magento 2 Mobile App Builder is a pre-built framework using which you can build Android and iOS mobile applications. The app is lightweight and highly scalable. The app built with the app builder is full of features compatible with ecommerce platforms. 

The major benefit of investing in the app builder is that anyone with no technical background can also use it; it is that simple. It has the drag and drops feature, which makes adding features easier. You can drag the widget and add it to the screen; if you like its placement on the screen, then save it. With app builders, you get exactly what you see. 

It is the most affordable and fastest way to jump into the mobile commerce market. It is the perfect tool that can benefit your ecommerce business. For a startup, it can do wonders in targeting a wider audience and offering them the best customer experience from day one.


Here are some features that make app builders the best.

1. Simple Checkout

Did you know that 17% of customers abandon carts due to complex checkout? There are many reasons customers abandon carts, but if the reason behind abandonment is a complex checkout process, then it needs a change. If you have a simple checkout process, you can bring back those 17% of customers.

However, with app builder, you would not have this issue. The app builder has all the important information on one single page. It includes the billing and shipping address, the items in the cart, coupons field, shipping methods, and last payment. The customers can edit the address details, shipping methods, products in the cart and their quantities, etc. 

Customers do not like when they have to feel different details on different pages. To have all the details on a single page makes it easier for the customers. There might be some customers shopping for their very first time. And there are GenZ, who like everything fast. A single checkout works for all; it is easy, fast, and allows changing all the important details.

2. Payment Gateway Integration

A secure payment gateway is a mandatory thing. The payment page would calculate the total based on the shipping options and offer multiple payment options. The more options you offer, the more flexibility you give to the users. The customers can choose their preferred option and complete the payment option. It also ensures the users would not abandon the cart because they could not find their preferred option. You can also have discounts if the customer chooses a particular payment option.

3. Push Notifications

Once the customers have installed the app on their phones, push notification helps them by reminding them that the app exists and there is a new product launch or some discount offers going on. When you send such notifications, users would be interested in going through what is happening. Some products might interest them, and they would purchase them. 

The other way to remind customers is with in-app notifications. If the customer has a product in their cart and they haven't purchased it, you can send a notification that reminds them about the product lying in the cart. 

You can control all the notifications in the backend. Add text messages that would interest the users in taking action. 

4. Countdown Sale Timer

Offering customers discounts for a short time is a strategy many businesses use to increase sales. The best way to attract users is a countdown sale timer. It urges the app users to purchase the product before the sale ends. For that, you would require a timer that shows how much time is left for the offers to end.

With app builders, you can enable and disable the sales timer. You can enable the timer option and add the date and time when you want to offer a discount. Also, decide the place for the timer, and by simple drag and drop feature, place the timer where you want.

5. User Profile Management

The customers can manage all their profile details like contact details, shipping address, order history, order details, order tracking, etc. All the details related to them can view and manage. They can initiate a return/ exchange/ cancel request for the order from there.

When all the important details are in front of the customer, they would not require to ask customer support for such details. Anything complex would only lead to customer support, which brings us to our next point.

6. Customer Support

There are multiple ways to help customers. Nowadays, customers prefer self-service options more. It reduces query resolution time for them and is also convenient for them. For that, you can offer FAQs that answer their basic questions. The other option is AI-driven chatbots. The chatbots can offer solutions based on the keywords from customers' questions.

If the customers are unable to find a satisfactory solution, then they have the option to have a call with your customer support executive. Offer as many support channels as possible, giving the customers flexibility to contact you. If your customer support is fast, customers will enjoy the overall experience even after they face some issues. 

Good brand image and loyal customers are pillars of a successful business. This would build a good image of you, and they would like to purchase from you again. It would definitely help you scale your business.


All these features in the app builders make it beneficial for ecommerce businesses. Here are some benefits your business can also have with an app builder.

1. Affordable

To get two native apps developed costs a lot. Spending so much money can be a huge decision for businesses that are just starting, as they might not have a large audience base. The risk involved is high as the ROI in such a case could be low.

Hiring developers or a company is costly and requires a lot of management. But with app builder, you can build the mobile app on your own. Anyone with basic knowledge of technology can build the app, and it is much cheaper than the custom development option.

2. Faster Execution of Idea

With app builder, you can develop the app in a short period of time. The idea that can take months to execute in custom development takes only a week with the app builder. You can launch the app in the market faster. 

The users' feedback can help improve the app at the initial stage itself. You can also develop an app with basic features and test it for a while to understand what more features are required. Addition and removal of the app are easy with the app builder as you get what you see.

3. Reach Wider Audience 

The benefit of having a mobile application with a website is that mobile apps offer a better customer experience. Customers like using apps more than websites because apps are faster and more convenient to use. The mobile apps stay on the customer's phones, and then browsing the app also increases. Also, it also gives your company's impression as you offer all the options.

More audience means an increase in sales. Mobile apps are an easier way to attract customers who already have the app installed on their phones. The push notifications and in-app notifications help inform the customers about the new product launch and any current discounts.


The mobile app builder is the easiest and the most affordable solution to have mobile applications. The apps developed with the app builders are native-like and are compatible with all mobile phones and tablets. You save a lot of time that would have rather gone into custom development. The Magento app builder works for all if you are just starting or already have a Magento store. It is so easy that anyone with zero coding skills can also build the app. There are many app builders out in the market. Companies are selling ready-to-use app builders. You can try a free trial to have a basic idea of its usage and features. After finishing the trial, you will clearly see what best fits your requirement.


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