Amazon Prime Day 2022 - Best Marketing Strategies For Guaranteed Success

Did you know that the total Amazon Prime Day sales in 2021 was $11.9 billion?

Amazon Prime Day 2022

Based on research, this sales graph will go up each year. That means an opportunity for sellers to get in front of millions of active customers and establish brand recognition while aiming for higher conversion, sales, and profit.

But the question is: How can you get your Amazon store Prime Day ready? 

This write-up will outline the best tips to help you make the most of the biggest sale event of the year- Amazon Prime Day. 

Amazon Prime Day 2022

A Quick Amazon Prime Day Checklist

Here’s a checklist you must keep handy, especially before Amazon Prime Day.

Initiate with inventory management: 

  • How much stock are you left with?
  • What do you have to order to keep stock ready?
  • How many units will you be able to sell?

Go through your Amazon product listing and check:

  • Product titles are short, correct, readable, and enticing with essential keywords.
  • Product descriptions are informative, engaging, and sale-focused. 
  • Amazon A+ Content (Enhanced Brand Content) has been updated.
  • Product images match Amazon standards and are persuasive.

Now ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are there any changes I should make to the listing before Prime Day for better sales and conversions? 
  • Do I have all sales copies ready for Amazon PPC/advertisement?
  • Is my Amazon product detail page updated? If not, what time do I have to update a version to make the most of this event?
  • Are there any negative reviews/feedback that need addressing?
  • Are there queries that need answering?
  • What’s the current product return rate? 
  • What is the competitors’ stock status?
  • How have competitors priced their products?

With this information, you’ll be equipped to make the most of the hottest sales season - Amazon Prime Day.  

6 Best Amazon Prime Day Tips For Guaranteed Success

#1 Inventory Management 

Start from the basics- ensure proper Amazon inventory management throughout the month of Prime Day.

Keep a tab on your inventory level; orders received, shipments, and left-out stock from your seller central account. It will serve you numerous benefits, like a seamless selling process, reduced holding inventory costs & mitigation fees, integrated listing stock, etc. 

"It is best to Keep balanced inventory." For this, you have an option- you can register for fulfillment by Amazon, where marketplace will take care of your order, shipment, and customer support management.

#2 Amazon Product Listing Optimization

You'll only get microseconds to grab shoppers' attention, and those microseconds will decide your Amazon Prime Day success. An unoptimized product listing with irrelevant keywords in the product title, unedited blurred product photos, and  improper description leads to millions of customers moving to your competitors. 

Although keeping your Amazon product detail page optimized is an all-time necessity. Amazon Prime Day gives you a great reason to optimize your entire storefront.

Things you need to pay attention to

  • Product Title
  • Product Descriptions
  • Product Images
  • Videos 
  • Amazon A+ Content
  • Backend Search Terms  

#3 Amazon PPC: Sponsored Ads & Marketing Strategy

Amazon Prime Day is the most extensive and highly competitive eCommerce sale event. That means, to thrive on this event, you’ll have to go all the way to grab customers’ attention first. And the best to do that is through Amazon PPC. Effectively planning your marketing/advertising strategy, targeting high-volume search terms in ad copies, increasing your ad budget, and managing PPC campaigns can guarantee Prime Day’s success.

Undoubtedly,Amazon PPC sponsored ads are a potent tool for sellers and merchants, as they help your listings rank on top in the searches, ensuring maximum conversions and sales. 

Note: You can expect high PPC fees during Amazon Prime Day. Thus, prepare your budget accordingly.

#4 Discounts & Coupons

Deals play a significant part during Prime Day. Amazon Lightning Deals- product promotion for a short period- allow sellers to boost their product sales and generate higher revenue. And, since Prime Day is a two-day event, it is an opportunity for sellers to improve their sales velocity, thereby increasing sales figures.

To thrive on Prime Day, sellers must consider submitting lightning deals under multiple product categories with the best prices possible. The marketplace will be full of deals on Amazon Prime Day, and select only a few offers. So ensure giving your best.

Note: Only sellers with good reputations and ratings are eligible for submitting Amazon Lightning deals.

 #5 Rightly Priced Products

Amazon Prime Day is about savings, discounts, offers, new launches, and deals for shoppers. That means the product price sellers' quote plays a huge role in customers' buying decisions, primarily when numerous sellers sell the same products.

99% of the time, shoppers buy lower-priced products when they get similar options. When they buy higher-priced products, that’s because of better ratings and reviews. But, scenarios where consumers prefer reviews over pricing (especially in a sale) are minimal.

That's why for sellers, pricing products right is of utmost importance. 

Note:  Here, the right product price means - not too high or too low. Thoroughly research and analyze the market and competition before quoting a price or offer to generate higher revenues. 

#6 Enticing Product Images

In eCommerce, product images act as a silent salesman. Many shoppers finalize their buying decision based on product images. The reason- enticing product images attract customers and persuade them to click the 'Buy Now' button. 

During Amazon Prime Day, sellers can use product images as a conversion tool. However, you must optimize Amazon product images to get better results. For this, you can check images of best-selling products and notice how they've edited their images for better conversions.   

Best Suggestion: Optimize your images considering your research and amp up your Amazon product detail page by adding 360-degree photos and videos. 

Bottom Line

With the right research and strategy, winning on Amazon Prime Day is not difficult. At the same time, the efforts sellers make post-Prime Day will, beyond any doubt, pay off and significantly impact your sales momentum, resulting in higher sales and profit. 

You can use the tips above to make the most of this event. However, you can consult with Amazon experts if you’re unsure how to implement these tips or need a growth partner to generate massive revenues. 

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