What You Should Know about the Dedicated Development Model

Dedicated Development Model


When it comes to software development, a dedicated software team is a viable approach, which comes in handy in different scenarios. There are some companies that hire dedicated developers to stay on the competitive edge and ship products as fast as possible.  

Others hire services to cover their periodical need for resources. A dedicated software development team is a cost-effective alternative to the in-house approach.

Dedicated Development Model—What is it All About?

The dedicated development setup approach lives up to its name. It has dedicated software developers who fulfill client needs. Moreover, the model refers to a virtual team interwoven into the software project of the client. Working out of the office of the vendor.

Typically, the team is gathered by the vendor from the ground up and tailored to the project of a client. The model works well for startups as well as established business organizations.

The Advantages

1. Economically Viable

Hiring a dedicated software development team is economically viable because it’s cost-effective. Hiring a dedicated team is cheaper than gathering and creating an in-house team. Dedicated software developers are viable because of their expertise in certain technologies that the software project may require.

Leaving the administrative part to the outsourcing vendor provides so much more money and time to focus on core business processes and functions.

2. More Control

You get full control over the management and selection of the members of the team in dedicated team building. Moreover, you can manage highly competent and qualified experts, resources, project managers, and infrastructure, which are based on project requirements.

3. Focus and Adaptability

Dedicated developers offer a focused approach. You can get a dedicated team at your disposal, working only on your project without distractions. With a focus also comes adaptability. In the model, the team could be configured at any phase of the project, in accordance with the needs and requirements.

4. Promotes Collaboration

In a dedicated software team, the client directly interacts with the team. This helps make for more efficient planning and development. It’s similar to having an in-house team, but at a lesser cost with high expertise. The team of developers and the client work together to resolve issues and challenges in a more effective manner.

5. Fast Development Cycle

Another advantage to having a dedicated development team model over other models is fast development. The whole process could proceed at a faster pace due to the collaboration between the focused team member and the client.

Moreover, the project could be adjusted without skipping a beat. The collaboration model is perfect for projects that require regular evolution according to the market trends and evolving technologies.

6. Continuous Integration

A project, to succeed big time, should never stop evolving. For instance, it’s particularly important with business-to-customer eCommerce platforms, in which UX is one of the major factors and generating conversions.

A dedicated team is highly effective for projects that evolve and grow. As the entire project moves to another stage, the team could be kept intact with no need to scale the team and set up another development team.


Empower your business by working with a dedicated software development team. Furthermore, since the team is a value-adding extension to your business, you can be sure that it’s on it for the long haul. 


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