How to Motivate Software Developers: 6 Principles from a Software Development Studio

It is no surprise to anyone that software development can be a tenacious field. Numerous jarring aspects can take their toll on a software developer, ranging from the stringent deadlines to the mental load and the Imposter Syndrome creeping up on bad days. So, the hour's need is for companies and software development studios to motivate their employees creatively and effectively. The current professional setup is such that software developers want much more than a good package. Complimentary snacks and beverages, casual work-wear, and bean bags do not extend justice to a software developer's intrusive desires and needs. As such, their motivation level doesn't elevate. So, if you are wondering what it takes to lift the spirits of software developers so that they can be highly productive and also love their jobs, read ahead. Through rigorous trial and error, we have recognized a few of the trajectories that motivate software developers. 

How to Motivate Software Developers

Motivating Software Developers – 6 Foolproof Techniques from a Software Development Studio

It is an undeniable truth that standard perks play a massive role in attracting employees. But, the employee retention rate depends on factors way beyond a good salary and ancillary benefits. Various intrinsic and extrinsic motivators are crucial in cultivating an ambiance that enriches software developers and makes them love their job all over again. 

1.  Extend Freedom to Developers- The first tip for motivating developers is to provide them with a considerable amount of freedom and autonomy. In our undulating journey of understanding software developers, we have realized that developers want a degree of independence. The capability to make their own decisions empowers and uplifts them in an unparalleled way. So, as long as the project permits, you should enable your software developers to make independent decisions, ranging from picking the technology and tools to deciding the time factor and workspace. Likewise, don't enforce a mandatory structure of video or phone calls, and instead, let your developers opt for their preferred communication style. 

2.  Time-Space Flexibility - Many a time, a developer may want to work remotely, and you should be mindful of such nuances. In addition, treating your developers as adult employees who don't owe you permission for every aspect of their work-life is crucial in maintaining a healthy and motivating work ecosystem. Flexible work timings, especially after the Covid 19 pandemic, have played a significant role in polishing the creativity and zeal of workers. So, be vigilant about the time-space needs of your developers. As long as the performance and output continue to meet the team's needs, then there should not be any problem. 

3.  Technology and Training – Needless to say, technology has a colossal role in the lives of software developers. A technology enthusiast prides themselves on keeping up with the times. So, the frustration is inevitable if your employees are stuck with archaic and obsolete technology that compels them to maintain and continue with old, broken code language. So, we can confidently assert that investing in technology is a feasible way to motivate your developers. Invest in methodology and tools that streamline their work and ease their load. Likewise, relevant training also helps in boosting developers because they realize that their soft and hard skills are being adequately cultured.

4.  Offer Recognition – Recognition, and respect go hand in hand in any professional setup. Unsurprisingly, employees love recognition. Whether your developers have taken on a challenging feat or are working to defeat a critical deadline, extending genuine credit to their work is crucial in motivating them. Peer recognition is paramount in establishing a work culture that is uplifting and productive. Furthermore, respecting the individual talents and competencies of each developer is also crucial. Rather than playing the quintessential 'team-building game,' revering and appreciating the individuality of each developer goes a long way. 

5.  Realistic Goals – Software development is not a cakewalk. Therefore, the company goals should be balanced and tamed so that your developers do not feel under pressure. In our continuous experience of dealing with developers, we have realized that going easy on developers is cardinal in keeping their spirits and productivity high. Most developers are their worst critics, and Imposter Syndrome is part and parcel of their professional lives. As such, your job as a software development studio is to ease their pressure and alleviate their stress. 

6.  Collaborative Communication – Although software developers might be your employees, shunning their suggestions and ideas as fleeting will do more harm than good. You can motivate your developers by fostering a connection that encourages them to speak up. Listening to your developers and having consistent one-on-one conversations with them is fundamental in making them feel welcomed and essential. If you have been able to manifest an environment wherein your developers don't have any inhibition in sharing their ideas, it implies that you have done an excellent job in motivating them and building a safe space for them. 

We have bared in front of you our top six tips to motivate software developers. But, undoubtedly, there is a long way to go. Being kind, empathetic, and appreciable are the key pillars that can hold your developers together and motivate them in the long run.


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