The Best Network Monitoring Software and Tools

Several tools available on the market provide network monitoring, but which one is right for your business? This article will examine some of the best network monitoring tools in the industry. Read on to learn about NetPath, EventSentry, Auvik, and NinjaOne, and which one suits your company best. Then, go out and evaluate them for yourself. You'll be glad you did! We hope this article was helpful!

Network Monitoring Software and Tools


You can deploy NetPath Network Monitoring Software and Tools for network performance monitoring. They will help you diagnose and resolve performance issues across your network. They include a powerful drill-down system and provide detailed alerts. You can choose between receiving emails and SMS notifications. A free trial version can be downloaded to get start.. You can check the product's performance before you buy it. Read on to discover more about NetPath's capabilities.

The first thing to know about NetPath is that it maps network paths and provides performance metrics for each node. You can also view additional performance data like network ping time and bandwidth usage. NetPath can display performance details for on-premises devices and those outside your network. It also provides you with the name of the company that owns an underperforming node. This means you can take immediate action on a problem before it becomes a significant issue.


EventSentry is a network monitoring software package for Linux and Windows systems. It has extensive network monitoring and event log tracking capabilities. Users can configure permissions to see only specific reports or data from particular hosts. The software also supports the Sysmon open-source tool, which displays network activity initiated by a process. This integration also provides detailed statistics of open TCP ports. Before EventSentry 3.5, processes were monitored independently, but the latest version enables you to correlate Sysmon data with NetFlow data.

EventSentry is an efficient and affordable real-time log monitoring solution. It monitors system availability and performance. It supports notifications and advanced features such as thresholds, day/time settings, summaries, timers, and recurring schedules. It can also normalize any log file type. If you need advanced network monitoring, you may also consider EventSentry's Observium or NinjaOne, which offer comprehensive IT stack management and easy-to-use GUIs.


Auvik network monitoring software and tools automate network monitoring and troubleshooting. It offers a comprehensive library of more than 50 pre-configured alerts for different situations ranging from informational to emergency. Its cloud-based network management platform provides automatic updates and secure data storage. Besides the powerful monitoring capabilities, Auvik offers many helpful network troubleshooting tools and uncomplicated network performance reports.

The scalability of the Auvik software allows the user to expand his network and add more devices as and when needed. This means that any surprise fees or hidden costs won't catch them. Moreover, they won't need to learn about complex subscription programs and licensing policies, which may compel you to pay a higher price for a limited number of features. With Auvik, you can enjoy flexible pricing based on the number of devices you wish to monitor.


The NinjaOne Network Monitoring Software and Tools are client management applications that simplify the monitoring of network resources. They support the five most commonly used scripting languages and can automate repetitive tasks. The NinjaRMM software also supports a variety of other tools such as RDP, Splashtop, TeamViewer, and Connectwise Control. The user interface is straightforward, and the Ninja staff are always available to assist. Ninja is a subscription service, so it is open every month. However, you can access the demo system on G2 Crowd for 14 days for free.

NinjaOne offers both Windows and Mac computers, and its monitoring agent is compatible with both operating systems. NinjaOne provides endpoint data that can be accessed remotely, allowing technicians to monitor several methods simultaneously. Pricing information is not officially published, but the software comes with a free trial period. There are also SuperOps products that integrate the monitoring software. They include an RMM system, PSA service, prudent management, and asset management.


Atera has many features to offer your IT department. Atera provides multiple tools and metrics, which are easily accessible on demand. The software also features a ticketing system that makes identifying performance issues simple. If you are unsure how to use the Atera dashboard, there is no need to worry. The simple design it carries makes it easy to use and ensures a smooth user experience. Furthermore, it offers robust security with 256-bit encryption for remote sessions. It also encrypts user ids and passwords in flight and at rest. You can also check out this router login website to know the usernames and passwords of different routers.

Atera offers cutting-edge remote-monitoring tools to detect and address potential issues. The software includes an agent to identify network issues and analyze root causes. It also has automated administrative tasks that can be applied to specific devices or entire companies. In addition, Atera provides complete management capabilities that automate the management of patching, maintenance, and security. In addition to providing a robust solution for network monitoring, Atera also offers a support team which could be reached 24 hours a day.


Datadog is a cloud-based monitoring service that offers real user and network monitoring, log management, and application performance management. Datadog is a SaaS solution, which means you don't have to install software on-premises, although you need infrastructure hosts, such as a Windows server. Its network monitoring tools offer insights into network traffic and can help you identify and resolve network issues. It also allows you to monitor devices, such as firewalls and routers and determine if they have a problem.

Datadog's pricing tiers are based on the size of your network and its number of hosts. The Infrastructure tier costs $15 per host, which is perfect for medium to large networks that need a centralized monitoring solution. The APM tier, on the other hand, is aimed at large organizations and more advanced uses. The APM tier is $31 per host, including serverless monitoring and log management.


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