Transforming Your Home Office to Make it More Pleasant

Two things are crucial for home offices: a good internet connection and a pleasant environment. While the first is easy to achieve as you can simply reach out to top providers easily. For instance, you can call Cox customer service phone number and opt for their internet service. However, the second can be tricky. In fact, it's often overlooked because most people are not aware of its importance. 

Transforming Your Home Office to Make it More Pleasant

A pleasant work environment is just as essential as proper sleep and a healthy diet because it directly impacts productivity levels and mental health. So, after ensuring a stable internet connection and a working laptop, use the following tips to make the home office more pleasant! 

1. Set Up a Desk

It's fun and comfortable to work on the bed, but it only works for so long. Human minds are trained a certain way when it comes to productive behaviors. For example, it is naturally understood by the human brain that beds are for rest while desks are for work. This is why sitting on the bed and working in pajamas rarely works for anybody. The urge to go to sleep is far too strong on the couch than on a proper desk. Hence, a table and chair are the most vital part of a pleasant home office. These elements should be visually appealing and ergonomically designed to invite a person to sit and work. 

2. Arrange Proper Lighting

Another natural response built into the human mind is that days are for work, and the night is for rest. Therefore, the mind is automatically stimulated when it's bright and sunny. On the other hand, when the lights are dim, and it gets darker, the body wants to rest. Therefore, proper natural lighting is essential to ensure one feels the most productive and energized in their home office. Furthermore, the desk should be somewhere close to the source of this lighting. 

3. Incorporate Plants

Plants are known to be energy boosters; simply keeping them around helps one feel fresher. The air is cleaner, and their beautiful colors are pleasant to look at. Thus, incorporating the right indoor plants in a home office helps make it more pleasant for the mind and body. The following are some ideal plants for home offices: 

  • Snake plants 
  • Neon pothos
  • Bonsai

4. Be Picky About the Colors

It is common knowledge that picking the right colors for rooms is essential for interior design. However, many people don't know that these colors have an impact on one's mind as well. For example, specific colors make people feel more energetic while others can have a relaxing effect on the mind. Therefore, some shades are more appropriate for bedrooms, while others are ideal for lounges, kitchens, and offices. The following are some colors that experts find fitting for home offices. These have a more positive and energetic effect on the mind, boosting productivity levels:

  • Blue 
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Brown/sand

5. Make It Personal

It is a common misconception that the home office should look completely different from the rest of the house. In reality, research has proved that when work environments are personalized, they have a better effect on a person's productivity. Therefore, adding something personal to the home office will have a positive impact. It could be as simple as bringing picture frames to the workstation or adding souvenirs to the desk. 

6. No Food, Drinks, Or Naps in the Home Office

The mind needs to be trained that the home office is only for work. Hence, avoid bringing any kind of recreation onto the desk. This also includes inviting friends into the office and making it a place to chat. Naps should also be avoided in the work environment and be strictly constrained to couches and bedrooms.  

An important reason one should avoid food and drinks in home offices is to avoid any kind of odors. Doing this ensures the air is always fresh and smells good, making the room more pleasant. 

7. Eliminate Distractions

Notice how offices have minimum sources of distraction. TVs, posters, toys, and other forms of recreation are usually not allowed in these environments so that employees can have a focused environment. It helps them concentrate on work. The same rules should be applied to home offices as well. Not only does it help focus better, but the office looks more organized, neat, and minimalistic. 

8. Be Smart About Storage

Keeping things out of the way and properly organized make the environment look neater, cleaner, and, hence, more pleasant. Adding shelves, bins, and baskets to the home office can do the job well. Make sure to pick the right size and design to suit the space. 


Work environments don't have to be dull. It's 2022, and experts believe that the more pleasant the work environment, the better it is for a person's physical and mental health. So, instead of isolating the home office from the rest of the house, make it more pleasant to be in. Doing so is not only great for the house's interior, but it also makes one want to go to work every day! 


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