Black and White App Icons for iOS 14 and iOS 15

It has been over a month since Apple’s iOS 14 landed with app icon customisation, but the craze is still at high as people making unique iOS 14 home screen designs. Many app icons are popular like neon, Among Us, Anime, and Halloween, but some people choose black and white iOS app icons. 

Black and white app icons

iOS 14 home screen with black & white app icons look schematic and classic as well. Primary, corporate or a business person for instance prefer to keep their iPhone screen arranged and tidy. Setting iOS 14 app icons in black and white color give a perfect well formed look to your iPhone. Consequently, we looked for a black & white iOS app icon, but most of them are paid. Luckily, we managed to collect some free of cost iOS 14 black-white app icons, and here they are for you all!


                                                                Black and white app icons for iOS

Apple Pay

                                        Black and white app icons

App Store

                                        Black-White iOS 14 App Icons


                                                                  Black and white setting icons

                                                                  Black and white app icons


Black and white app icons


Black and white app icons

Apple Arcade

Black and white app icons

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